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  1. geoff850

    OKO Carburetors

    Got one on a jumbo but can't really give any feedback as i never rode the bike with the Dellorto, but i can vouch for Mid Atlantic Trials they give a brilliant service and they really help you, from their website they seem to have done one for a 320 so it should be fairly straightforward fitting, they will supply a selection of jets for fine tuning too. Don't buy the £25 ones from e bay they are fakes and Mid Atlantic show you pics of the differences between the fakes and real OKO Most people report very good results on various makes after fitting an OKO. Many Thanks Geoff
  2. geoff850

    Jumbo Carb

    If my interpretation is right this looks like a pilot jet of 50 ( without reeds ) but what about the main jet? looks missing from this photo? or is this the atomiser? this is smaller than a 280 engine pilot '60or 65?
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