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  1. Thank for these replies, on the 240.320 Rotax engines there is a short stub to connect the breather pipe so an easy fit, on the jumbo just a grommet with a hole unless i am missing a part, do i just thread a pipe in and seal it best can looking at pics of other jumbos they seem to route it behind the engine/ swing arm pivot alongside the gearbox breather pipe with a zip tie Many Thanks Geoff
  2. I am after bit of advice connecting the ignition breather behind the gearbox filler on a Jumbo, there is just a rubber grommet with a hole in, i can thread an 8mm pipe ( i think it is 8mm od ) for a short length but does not seem to go in very far, does it need securing with silicone or can it be blocked up? i am running an electronic ignition.( Rexspeed) Or do you have to remove the flywheel to feed it in from inside the casing? Many Thanks Geoff
  3. Don't buy an OKO off Ebay they are fakes, contact Mid Atlantic Trials in USA they have done loads and may well have done a 348 and know what jets work they are very helpful, cost about £120 with spare jets and very easy to set up and work really well. The main jet size on an OKO does not correlate directly and is usually a bit bigger if you run a 100 main now you may need a 120 but the people at Mid Atlantic will explain all. Geoff
  4. geoff850

    OKO Carburetors

    Got one on a jumbo but can't really give any feedback as i never rode the bike with the Dellorto, but i can vouch for Mid Atlantic Trials they give a brilliant service and they really help you, from their website they seem to have done one for a 320 so it should be fairly straightforward fitting, they will supply a selection of jets for fine tuning too. Don't buy the £25 ones from e bay they are fakes and Mid Atlantic show you pics of the differences between the fakes and real OKO Most people report very good results on various makes after fitting an OKO. Many Thanks Geoff
  5. geoff850

    Jumbo Carb

    If my interpretation is right this looks like a pilot jet of 50 ( without reeds ) but what about the main jet? looks missing from this photo? or is this the atomiser? this is smaller than a 280 engine pilot '60or 65?
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