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  1. These guys know their ****,, never let you down,, mine is hunting a bit on tick over,, runs fine starts first kick on choke,, revs do hang a little,, I bought a carb refresh kit,, but I mixed and mashed the bits,, new with old,, could this be an issue,, needle is in the middle btw Cheers
  2. Pobby71

    Monty rear end

    Cheers,,, I stumbled across this website last night,, so I've ordered a set,,, its worth a try,, nothing ventured,, as they say, so cheers anyway,, I'll post on here when I get them fitted and tested,, and try and put some feed back together,, Many thanks Johnny H
  3. Pobby71

    Monty rear end

    Hi anyone know the best way of lifting the rear of my 315r,, can't seem to find any lift kits on tinterweb! Any information would be most welcome ?
  4. I've just took it for a run up and down the road,,, it feels really graby,, any sugetions on this? Cheers
  5. I've re sealed clutch master cylinder and it appears to have helped, so next stop will be to change gbx oil to the right spec, should sort the prob,,, I've just got the rear suspension to sort,, the whole thing seems low to me But cheers for your input guys anyway
  6. Hi cheers for the responce,, tried to reply on my phone but was still logged on another device,,, anyway I got it working by separating the plates then putting it back together,, I've never seen it ride however engine runs sweet now I've cleaned the carbs, I was just wondering how far the slave should move as my mate who races moto x reckons it should be 6 to 8 mm mine is less than 3 mm,, it just doesn't look like a lot of movement to me.. I'm going look at it again this wkend. I can post some pics Cheers again guys
  7. Hi, I've read loads of stuff on here about montesa clutch issues, mine won't disengage, I've bled the slve cylinder, took the clutch basket apart, got it working then it wouldn't work again, before I go down the route of dimpled plates or removing 2 springs, out of interest how far is the slave cylinder supposed to move,, mines only moving about 3 mm tops. Any suggestions would be appreciated cheers.
  8. Lol I was garbage ten years ago ? doubt I've got any better
  9. Just returning to trials after a few years off,,,
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