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  1. Hi, thanks again everyone for your thoughts and comments. Just wanted to update this thread to help anyone in the future who might have similar issues. It was just the fan motor. Drew power from fuel pump which caused splutter. Increased tick over seemed to cure splutter but the fan was on its way out - and eventually packed in causing it to boil over. Partly my fault for not watching it closely enough- and being a massive child and concentrating on my grin while riding rather than checking the fan often. New fan= 80 quid or so, spot on ?
  2. Thank you everyone for you help and comments. Good news is the tick over was simply too low- I adjusted up from factory set about a quarter turn - ran the bike faultless for 40mins...then the bloody thing boiled over! The fan was definitely running for first 20mins or so- maybe after but I stopped checking every two mins - to enjoy my riding?. I stepped off bike at the 40 minute mark and it began to boil as I watched - so hopefully caught it early enough as to not cause major damage?! - Any thoughts on this- dodgy thermostat? Bad earth? Bare wire somewhere? Too much power to fuel pump and not enough for fan? Electrical issue? Hummmm.
  3. Thanks for the reply and thanks for the good luck- it’s taking a bit of figuring out. . I’ve had it out again tonight. Runs spot on when cold- after 10-15mins riding the fan was kicking in and working as it should.(prior I maybe didn’t tax it enough as It’s had upgraded- larger radiator put on it. ) So after the 10-15mins radiator now working- but it’s still spluttering on and will eventually stall. It doesn’t sound like it’s idling fast enough. But I’m reluctant to alter Rickover as it’s still factory set - and has only be ridden for about 8-10 hours. It was sat, as a new bike, in a garage for year or so only being started up periodically. I wonder if that could have affected fuel pump?
  4. Hi, I’ve just been getting a 2018 repsol which is practically new. Rode for about 8hours absolutely perfect. Then developed a bit of a splutter , the revs drop and It’s cut out a time or two during the ‘splutter moments’ if I rev. When I’ve looked again, the fan has tried to start and flickers at the exact same time as the engine drops revs and runs very briefly below usual idle speed, before picking itself up again. I’ve swapped plug and cap to new and it’s the same. Cleaned air filter. There’s a host of others things to try that I’ve seen online but was hopeful someone here could identify the issue without me having to tamper too much. Any help would be much appreciated. ? bit more info - if it helps. Bike mostly runs fine, and as powerful as it should be besides the dip in revs (splutter). I stupidly ran it out of fuel a week ago( ran it fine for about 3hrs after- and no issues) wondered if this may have got some crap into the injectors? But the fan appears to be the culprit as it’s not kicking in even after 8-10mins idling- just flicks as though it’s trying to as mentioned above. Ta.
  5. Sorted. Thanks everyone. 32mm spanner turned anti-clockwise with rope threaded into head via spark plug hole. (Usual oil filter grip wouldn’t hold it) to prevent movement of flywheel. Steady release. It’s like a new bike, much more responsive, I’ve been riding a donkey. Much appreciated.
  6. Thanks husky, does that mean it should be usual right -right - left - loose ? The instructions above look led like a reverse thread and it’s hellish tight. Don’t want to strip anything. Ta
  7. Brilliant! I’ve searched the web for a picture of this fly wheel weight ! Thank you. I’ll try this tomorrow ?
  8. That’s what I thought. Thanks for your reply. I assume it will be counterclockwise to loosen, do you know? Ta.
  9. Happy lock down people. I’m after a bit of advice. Seen as though we’re not allowed out I thought I’d take my fly wheel weight off. I’ve never seen one like it. (See pic ) just wonder long how to remove it without breaking anything! Do I just take it off by the large but counterclockwise? I was expecting two Allen bolts to be undone. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you ?
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