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  1. Well thanks for that comment THAI-TY. BUT...Today before any dismantling took place I thought I would check the obvious...GEARBOX OIL...Barely a couple of spoonfuls came out which was sludgy...Topped up with the recommended amount and road it down the lane and guess what..BOOM..Gears all working...SO not only do I have a PRETTY Machine but it’s fully functional as well..Thanks Thai-ty for being honest about your past, I’m sure there are still those out there who like to rip people off but the this machine did come from a reputable source...Lesson for me..ALWAYS CHECK THE OBVIOUS...Thanks all for your comments.?
  2. Also, to confirm that it was manufactured in 1980 I have a statement of search certificate from the VINTAGE MOTORCYCLE CLUB LTD who looks at the frame and engine No. along with other details which tells them what year the bike was manufactured.
  3. It’s a 1980 Ulf Karlson replica..why what were you thinking..???
  4. Hi, pictures from your manual would be brilliant. Thanks again for being so helpful.

    1. Mikey349



      just to be sure about the paws and carrier, ( as I’m no mechanic) is it the part that the “ starfish “ is located on...???

      my email address if you could send pictures please:

      mike_king 2@icloud.com


  5. Many thanks for that information and advice. Will give it a go and hopefully get it sorted. Much appreciated.
  6. No definitely an 80..was road registered in 83...
  7. Hi everyone, My name is Mike and live in Wiltshire. There seems to be a lot of help and support on this website so maybe someone can help me with my problem... I have just bought a 1980 Montesa Cota 349 which as you can see from the photo is in lovely condition. BUT I can only select 1st, 2nd and neutral gears..The clutch cable had been adjusted to maximum so thought maybe replacing this might help matters bearing in mind I couldn’t select neutral when the engine was running. The new clutch cable was fitted and neutral could now be selected with engine running and also 3rd gear was available if you lifted the lever hard enough ( not ideal ) 4th and 5th are nowhere to be found...Can anyone please help and maybe shed some light on what is going on and if they could give me contacts of anybody familiar with classic Montesa’s in Wiltshire who might be able to fix it. Many thanks, Mike
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