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  1. So I didn't run a comp test yet as my adapter is too tall and I don't wanna go through the hassle of dropping the engine just yet. Here is a quick vid from today. 1700" 50 pilot, 115 main jet, JHL needle in 4th pos. Air screw out 1.75 turns. My beef is still with the off idle pop pop and lack of response. How does it sound?
  2. Alright. Thank you very much by the way for hanging in here with me. Remote diagnostics drives nuts too. So I haven't gone down the road a air leak testing or compression as the bike doesn't have the usual tell tale "gung gungs" on decel or any perceived detonation and starts first kick every time. The PO stated that he replaced the rings and at that point I looked for tool marks on the cylinder fasteners and was satisfied. Does appear to have at least 2 base gaskets. I pulled the carb down again this time removing the emulsion tower and confirmed no blockages. The enrichment circuit is also sealing nicely. Headed out for another round now. Going to pull the stator cover and do a full air-leak test of the dry seal and intake tract just to rule out. I'm also going to run a compression test. Where should it be? 180-190psi?
  3. I'll try another full blown cleaning on the carb. I'm no newb to pwk carbs as I'm pretty much the carb guru of our group but this tiny little bugger has me questioning my skills! Torn down probably 15 times at this point each time only to make a single change and each time coming to the same result. 1/8 throttle is an absolute blubbering mess. It's fine for doing an obstacle that I've set up for with the mid-range of the throttle being acceptable but trying to ease around or get on down the trail is killing me. Pop pop bum bum pop pop pop. I can't seem to find a listing for the JHL needle I have. Does anyone know if this is stock? Seems to be right at the transition from pilot to needle just doesn't want to pick up. All three 48-52 pilots have given the same result. The 50 seems to tune in best with the air screw. I'm at 1700' btw with temps around 70F. I've just thrown a new BR7ES in to go back old school and read the plug. Looks rich and smoking but could also be the Caster 927 I happen to have left on my shelf from a couple years ago. The PO said he ran it at 50:1 but was never happy with the way it ran and I have since been running 65:1. I'm pretty ocd about getting the most out of an engine. Speaking of vforce, Based on another members post I bought a V351A reed cage for a KTM 50sr up to 08 (Beta engine). The V351A comes equiped with the medium reeds which is why I went that route vs the V351B that has lesser volume reducing insert. The cage dimensions are spot on. You just need to modify the volume reducing insert to suite. Using a step bit I carefully bored the intake hole and to match the Beta boot and using my dremel and rotary trim bit I smoothed everything out.
  4. This might very well be what I have going on. I've just recently acquired an 08 Rev3 250 that I can't seem to get running right. I've gone through 48-52 pilot jets. JHL needle position 1-5. Always seems to be loading up. I've also followed all the articles on float adjustments and have gone from prescribed to way to low and back with no luck. The choke operates normal and the idle falls once popping it back down but maybe it's fully closing. Aside from this darn slow turn throttle and it not running as good as I think it should I love the bike.
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