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  1. Hi all. I’ve not long purchased a 2011 Beta evo 250 to start my trials career. But ive now noticed the oil in gearbox is milky.I’ve changed it a couple of times but keeps coming back so I’m thinking possible water pump seal.So ive purchased one.I know how to get to the seal but wondered what’s the easiest way to pull the old seal out.Am I able to drill a small pilot hole in it to put something in to pull it out or is there a easier way.Thanks in advance.
  2. Corker

    Beta evo.

    Hi all. just a bit of an update so far.Tbe guy has let me keep hold of the bike over the weekend to have a proper look at it as he just works across the road from me.I have had a quick look over it tonight briefly I have noticed the chain tensioner pivot is worn badly.The rear brake hose has chaffed in certain areas.no biggy but something to bear in mind but the thing that worries me most is the there doesn’t seem to be any resistance on rear shock and if you stand on pegs and bounce it it bottoms out and I’m only 5.7 and 11 stone so is that normal.whats peoples thoughts on this.If it was damper can they be rebuilt and at what cost or is it the spring that’s weak.With regards to the engine he said the main bearings nipped up so it’s just bottom end that’s been replaced.
  3. Corker

    Beta evo.

    Thanks for the reply’s.I rang beta Uk with the vin and it is a 2011 Evo but not factory.The fan running all time just concerned me as I’m new to trials but thanks for reassuring me.The bike is in used condition as expected but can’t see anything major that would concern me.The guy said he’s looking in the region of £1700. Which seems a good price from what you suggested rich500. Are there any specific areas to look for damage or wear before I decide. Thanks in advance.
  4. Corker

    Beta evo.

    Hi all.Just looking for some advice.Ive been offered the chance to purchase what I’ve been told a 2012 beta evo 250 factory.its just had engine rebuild and stator rewound.The first question is during a test ride for an hour the cooling fan never stopped apart from first few mins of running.is this normal.The other question is the rear mudguard is black/red but the tank side covers are white which is the correct one.How would I make sure it is the year I’m told.Frame is black aswell.how much would it be worth. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi all.Completley new to the trial scene.Just looking for some advice I’ve got a gas gas jtx just to practice on and learn before I get something newer.The foot pegs slope down towards the floor slightly on the end furthest away from the bike is this normal or should they be level.also is there any easy way to get the four bolts out of the clutch cover.ive tried giving the heads a tap but they are seized solid.Only reason I want to get to the clutch is it’s a bit heavy when i have to slip it in tight situations.Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. Hi all.Hope your all safe.I am a complete newbie just got an older gas gas jtx to practice on before I go for something newer.So May be asking for advice and tips on techniques etc. Sorry In advance.???.Already had a couple of trips of the back practicing wheelies.?
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