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  1. Hi DC, Thanks for the feedback. I did end up purchasing some shorty levers from Lewisport. They are basic Jitsie levers and use rubber/plastic bushings. I like the shorty's but I need something of better quality. Will see if I can find the Apico Flex levers you referenced. I have been running the Motorex Prisma ZX Gear Oil that came in the bike and I experimented with Mobil 1. Went back to the Motorex. I think the problem was with me as I was not familiar with the trials clutch, and come from an enduro background. Appreciate the information on the clutch adjustment. I will keep that in mind as I get better and look for different tuning. All I can say is that I seriously enjoy this bike. It's like being a kid again, other than the falls hurt a lot more! Thanks again, Brian
  2. Thanks Lineaway. All trials events are shut down in my part of the world due to Covid. But my questions have been answered. Thanks all.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. For comparison I have a KTM 300 with hydraulic clutch. The clutch fully disengages. I have played with the lever adjustment on the GG but that didn’t affect the creep I get when fully engaged. But I can also push the bike backwards with the clutch engaged. I am a newbie to trials and the GG. I use the clutch a lot, much more than any bike I have ever ridden. My two concerns were: is this clutch action normal, leading to - if not normal how do I fix it and will I damage the clutch? Thanks, Brian
  4. Thanks Greg! I will try the ELF or GRO.
  5. I recently purchased a 2020 Gas Gas TXT 250. I have about 15 hours on the bike. I have the freeplay adjusted properly at the perch and am running the recommended 75w/90 gear oil, which was changed after about 2 hours. With my clutch lever fully engaged to the bars, the bike wants to creep forward. If I put it on a stand the rear wheel turns when in gear and the clutch lever engaged to the bars. Is this normal? I am new to trials and to this bike. I find that it actually helps me when balancing etc., but don't want to smoke my clutch. I did a search before I posted, and I couldn't seem to find anything to answer my question. Thanks in advance for any help!
  6. I also have a 2020 TXT 250. I get a clunk when shifting 4th to 5th but no grinding or buzzing. Hope this helps.
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