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    Will Not Start

    Hi, yes it had just been washed better than I have ever washed it before! Pressure cleaner job and no bung. Have stripped carb and air box, tried everything above, tipped bike upside down and turned the engine to try and drain anything unwanted. A fair bit came out. Kicked it over empty with plug removed. Dried out what I can. Only think I haven’t replaced is the plug, but it was new 6 months ago, and 10 minutes of riding! Fingers crossed!
  2. Dave409787

    Will Not Start

    Petcock works, it was running for about 30 seconds and then died. Any easy way to identify a bent rod?
  3. Dave409787

    Will Not Start

    Having this issue, but it was a new plug. WIll the plug not dry out too or does it need a new plug each time this happens? If i remove the plug and leave it a week, will it dry out naturally? I remember the previous owner warned me about this and said if he leashes it on he has to tip the bike up vertically so the fuel comes out of the exhaust?
  4. I have the same problem, if I’ve flooded the header too, then is the solution the same? I’v taken off carb, replaced fuel, am getting good spark, and have removed plug and kicked it over. Tried easy start basically everywhere, but still nothing. Initially the bike fired straight up, then just died and hasn’t started since. The plug is new, but each time I remove it is wet?
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