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  1. Any thoughts on a 1 mm barrel gasket versus a low compression head insert ?
  2. Hello, Seeking advice on barrel removal to change the base gasket to 1mm on my 2017 Evo. It appears to be a matter of removing the radiator, exhaust, frame connection, and sparkplug, undo barrel bolts and lift barrel with head still attached ?? Any advice from folks who have done this would be appreciated. Buck
  3. Hi Frank, you and I have similar stories, Canadian (I'm in Vancouver) riding a TY 175 in the early 80's followed by decades of inaction only to rediscover trials this spring. In May I bought a 2017 Beta 300 2T, more bike than I need but it was local and well priced. I've learned that changing the barrel gasket to a thicker 1mm gasket will take out some of the snap, help with low end hook up, and generally make the bike easier to ride. I've already put on a slow throttle.
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