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  1. yes i know GrabCAD and i have a login.
  2. i work with Autodesk Inventor 2020. Solidwork-format (.SLDASM) will work fine. Would be nice to get the GG TXT data AND the Scorpa frame data. I also have a Sherco X-Ride(same as Scorpa T-Ride) for conversion . Thanks allot.
  3. My Setup ist Like the EM Race. Flywheel will also come on Motor Schaft. I will try. Would bei cool of you can send me the CAD of the GG frame.
  4. Reduction is 27 teeth in engine to 75 teehth on Clutch, Schaft on Clutch is than 9 to 48 in wheel. Frind of Mine Drives Same Gear Ratio without Clutch with Same engine. It is OK for riding. Ratio can ne adjusted with sprocket.
  5. i orientated at the EM race 2020 with Clutch and flywheel
  6. i just try to get everthing in. i use a hpm5000b 5kw goldenmotor engine. only the Clutch of the gasgas, modified. i will Need to do a cnc case for housing. no gearbox. i tried, but it is not enough space in the Frame.
  7. Hi, this is matze, i try to convert my gasgas to a e-Trial with wet Clutch. would be nice if you can help me a Little with your Expertise.
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