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  1. Thanks again, I've already found a new air box lid, I hope it comes with the seal, but probably not. the JT in JTX are the initials of some guy who developed it, apparently, it's unbelievable how much irrelevant crap you have to wade through to find just the right parts for the right year, I have over 8000 meters of mainly terraced land and a friend with farm land that can't be farmed in places, lots of gullys from flash floods it's also all dirt roads around me. It's a very very long time since I have been on a proper trials bike, Yamaha TY125 (tiny)definitely before 1980, I did have a striped down modified DT175 that I absolutely loved and used every week, unfortunately they built houses on the farm I used to play on so I got rid. oh, another thing, I'm considering having to forks re chromed, I used a place in England over the summer, they said three weeks and the took 7, I don't mind 7 but please people if it's going to be 7 for gods sake say so, they were for a customer, I'm going to have a chat with a Spanish mechanic I know and see if I can get them done in Spain, by the way I'm semi retired and work over the summer in England as a motorbike machanic in a small town, so I'm used to working on crap. Thanks muchly, it's been interesting and informative chatting with you. Rob
  2. Wow thanks, you seem very knowledgeable, it's all quite logical regarding the vin when you explain it like that, yeah I was told it was a 95 300 contact, I had it from a dealer in Roqueta de mar Almeria, Spain, I think it must have been a trade in because I got it for 600€, needs new tyres, chain, sprockets, airbox lid, air filter, the light switch knob is busted off, I have a friend with a 3D printer who's a computer programmer ?I'm hoping he can make me one , fork seals and a full service, like EVERYTHING!, so not much really, only thing is I've ridden it around my terraced property and it seems massive, I will see how I get on with it, I'm sure I won't lose on it if I sell and get something smaller. thanks for the info, it's much appreciated
  3. Thanks for your reply and trouble, that's what has been throwing me, the model reference being 320, I'm a little more confident of ordering parts now, they seem a little bit hard to track down and expensive but I've come across a place in Holand that seem to know there stuff, thanks again
  4. Would this information be the same for the jtx300?
  5. Hi guys, I'm English and living in Spain, after being here over 15 years I've finally got myself a Spanish trials bike, a 1997 JTX 300 Gas Gas, I think??? but the vin is VTRGG329711960076, which kinda makes me think it's a JTR? it was a bargain with very little use, but I'm beginning to wonder if I've done the right thing though, the tyres are date stamped year 2000, it didn't help being told it was a different year and model to start with, so my research went out the window, then told it was a JTX but with JTR in the vin? and they all look pretty much the same, well to me they do anyway, I'm still having trouble confirming the actual capacity and model reference because I can't find any information on a jtx "300cc" of that year, so.....anyone with ANY information on the model I would be so so greatful, i.e. if I can get a workshop manual, best place for spares, Anything really, I'm really looking forward to riding it around my small terraced plot of land. Thanks in advance
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