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  1. Thanks, guys. (I actually used Motul in my GasGas and Motul 300V in my R1. I rate them very highly). I'd decided to go with Elf HTX740 as that sounds like one of the most slippery, lowest viscosity gearbox oils. Phoned Splatshop to order and it was confirmed that whilst it probably would solve the drag, it's also a very 'quick' clutch. As a novice progressive is better for me. So Putoline Nano Trans is going in.
  2. Clutch lever action feels very positive, better than before. I'm not saying it's a perfect bleed, but it's certainly up to the task and the piston moves well. I'm confident it's not an actuation issue. This is sufficient drag for the bike to always be pulling, and now neutral can't be found.
  3. I didn't consider changing the viscosity, I thought this was a suitable replacement?i Besides, I might have this backwards but I thought a lighter oil would be less draggy but less progressive?
  4. Silly question but humour me; The 2013 Sherco ST I bought earlier this year has always suffered from clutch drag-terrible when cold, just annoying when warm. Last weekend I bled the clutch and changed the gearbox oil- 450ml Putoline light gear oil. Just started the bike and wobbled around the garden, and it's worse than before. I'm thinking maybe it wasn't absolutely empty and so now it's slightly overfilled?
  5. Rabie, that is so helpful- thank you. Are you with Sidcup Club? I think I might join them. This weekend I'm planning on riding at Poles Wood with my dad who has a '71 Bultaco Sherpa and got me into this (riding the Bultaco last October was my first taste of trials) but I'll definitely enter some of the other events. I have a LOT to learn about the sport but really enjoying wobbling around.
  6. Already have! 😁 (I've raced short circuit & motocross so am familiar with ACU membership + club requirements.) I joined Southend District MCC, albeit I've yet to have any confirmation or correspondence from them...
  7. Thanks, I'm looking out for local events which cater to novices. I've taken a look at the North Kent Trials Combine as suggested by Goudrons2, too.
  8. Thanks guys, all those comments are very useful and supportive. I'm not adverse to coming last (finished at the back plenty of times) and I've got a few trophies in other disciplines to balance it. Goudrons2, I've been learning at Poles Wood so have joined Southend District MCC but I live in the Borough of Thurrock so have unlimited crossings of Dartford. This means that events around North Kent are a possibility for me.
  9. I bought my first trials bike in December last year, rode it for the first time Sun Jan 3rd... ..and not again until lockdown allowed in April. I'm a cowardly novice that can do rudimentary basics, but that's it. I've entered a Sidcup Club (Canada Heights) practice trial as I'm keen to try real sections and learn more, but know I'll be either getting fives or taking fives everywhere! Will my lack of ability frustrate more seasoned riders, or is it accepted (dare I even say encouraged?) that new riders need to start somewhere?
  10. It does seem a little complex but I suppose less so than a 4RT with the capacitor & efi? People do seem to have trouble with fuelling on these, even with jets getting clogged despite filters + care. I'm actually really sorry it's going back but better that then stripping the carb, sourcing a replacement inlet manifold and maybe considering crank seals... So once I'm refunded I'm back on the bike hunt!
  11. I emailed the dealer Monday at midday (by then I was already back home thanks to the bike not running) and having not heard, called him yesterday. Based on our call it was all very civil and he's agreed a refund. Possibly they knew there was an issue, possibly they're just being responsible dealers. We're going to speak again Monday to confirm the return but assuming it goes ahead as described I'll let everyone know who they are, and give them 5 stars on Google. I'm disappointed but they have a business to run and I completely understand this is costing them money.
  12. OK, I spoke to the dealer today and they've agreed to take it back. All on good terms- easy. I'm just in the garage now having a look and thought I'd poke around a bit, and it looks like the inlet manifold is missing a corner? Now I wonder if that first 5mins was enough to heat the bike up, interfere with the sealant and cause an air leak? Also, whilst searching the forum I read a post where it was recommended to a Sherco owner to use LOWER octane fuel who had similar issues- is this a thing?
  13. Thanks, Michael. The bike felt light and balanced (albeit a bit soft) and I think I would've been happy... If only it had run! Also the yellow frame matches my kit, so that scores style points in itself.
  14. Perhaps, but moving between 2 & 4 stroke motocross requires a different style (bikes feel different in the corners and engine braking requires different approach to jumps), and a big v-twin feels very different to a 600, and again a 1000cc four. I was a better 600 rider as I had a better feel for the front and carried good corner speed, but was weak on exit and didn't like the back moving. It was a comparison between the nuances of different machines and adapting, not saying experience of one discipline compared to another.
  15. Appreciate it, and I didn't wish to appear ungrateful, but it's just not an option. I entered into the sale in good faith and if the bike didn't suit me then I'd have to accept it as my fault. I know that I'll need to change springs, for instance, but the bike not running is a different game. I actually wanted a 250 Beta Evo but couldn't find one within budget unless I went through Facebook... And I really don't trust some of those ads!
  16. Appreciate your input but I think that's a bit off topic. Trying out other examples of bikes doesn't mean that the one I buy is mechanically sound, and I don't have a network of friends willing to lend me bikes- all of whom would have suspension + controls set to their liking, possibly fly wheel weights, different jetting and different throttle tubes. I raced 250 & 380 2 stroke motocross, and 450 4 strokes from Suzuki, Honda and KTM. I also raced a stock 600 (Suzuki) plus owned 2x R6, Aprilia RSV, GSXR1000 and currently an R1. I didn't try a single one of them- I adapted my riding style and in every instance it helped my riding. Please don't get all shouty in your capital letters; I asked for advice on something specific- returning the bike for reasons of 'shopping around' wouldn't be fair to the dealer.
  17. It's certainly not put me off. I'm 38yrs old and only tried the Bultaco last year in October (it was my Dad's lockdown project). I really enjoyed it but couldn't get used to a left foot brake, so bought the Gasgas just to accompany him. A few rides on that and whilst I'm still an absolute novice (cowardly one, too) I decided I wanted to try entering a trial... And decided to upgrade. The dealer is approx 2hrs/100 miles away and I'd take it back, suffering the loss of time + money.
  18. Thanks for the opinions and support, guys. Yep, I did ask why Sherco were cheaper- now I know! What makes it hard is that I don't like the bike- it literally didn't run long enough. As an exercise in getting to know the bike I did a few repeats of a small bank climb, tight turn, back down the other side... But with clutch drag it was far more hurried and stressful than it should've been, and by the time I'd ridden over a few small logs (probs 14") the bike was hunting... And in a few more mins it wouldn't idle. Based on my experience Monday i have no love for it. This is only the 3rd trials bike I've ridden after a '71 Bultaco Sherpa T and a 01 Gasgas 250 TXT, and this Sherco wasn't even close.
  19. Which hose is that? The long hose is the overfill hose from the pump to the tank isn't it? I wasn't expecting that one as its just the return. I thought culprits might be vaccum hose from inlet to pump, or kink/trap in the hoses from pump to carb.
  20. I'm sure it's not a complete dog, but I'm concerned that it stopped running on Day 1... And also conscious that if I fiddle with it the dealer might blame me as having a hand in it. Part of me feels I'm completely over reacting, but another part is well aware I've just handed over a month's salary for a bike which doesn't work... And unlike a fork seal or something where it's obvious what's wrong, this could be quite a few things...
  21. Last week I bought a 2013 Sherco ST300 from a dealer. It was over the phone and the bike was delivered on Friday. Yesterday I loaded up and went to my local trials centre, paid my fee... and it didn't go well. Initially the clutch dragged so much that putting it into gear caused an immediate stall, and after 10mins it stopped running- with all the signs of fuel starvation. Tank had fuel, no pipes/hoses obviously pinched. If I'd owned it for months or years I'd be cleaning out the carb, checking hoses for splits, changing the plug + doing whatever it took... But it was literally my first time on the bike. It could be clogged filter, kinked/crimped line, dirt in the carb, faulty pump, leak around the inlet manifold, crank seals etc etc... I've told the dealer I don't want it - it isn't rideable. Distance Selling law says I can refuse it within 14 days even if I'd just changed my mind, let alone not fit for purpose nor sold as described. I'm sure the dealer hasn't intentionally sold me a pup so I'm not angry with them (hence not naming them) but my view is that I shouldn't be stuck with this. What would you all do?
  22. I worked for both Ford and Jaguar/Land Rover dealers and fortunately can say we never hid anything mechanical. Cosmetic, yep, but never mechanical. I'd hope a dealer would be legit... And versus the guy I bought my Gasgas from, well, it couldn't possibly be that bad! I've gone ahead and bought now so fingers crossed, eh? Thank you everybody for your input.
  23. Thanks everyone. I feel I've got a balanced idea of the pros/cons of the marques so it's up to me... And whether I'm willing to wait another few months for a 250 GG/Beta, rather than a 300 Sherco. There's another factor in my decision; the Sherco is from a dealer. Friends would tell you I can be a pedant but when looking at FB, eBay and Gumtree I'm blown away by the poor quality of the listings. Really rings alarm bells. Even with my Gasgas I've repacked both silencers, had fork seals & bushes done, replaced the waterpump shaft + seal, rebuilt the front m/c, refurbed the calipers, etc etc... All in 5 months, with receipts to prove. Many of the used bikes at 10yrs old are with owners who perhaps don't fully understand what they have, nor the maintenance required. Consequently I'm a little wary when it comes to whom I buy from... (I know, I know- Champagne taste & Lemonade money!)
  24. Thank you- a well thought out and comprehensive reply. Completely understand bike choice is personal and there are different traits. In motocross I raced 2 stroke Honda, Yamaha, KTM & Suzuki (250 mainly but also 380) and 4 stroke Honda, KTM & Suzuki. I'm happy with a 250 in terms of power but the 280/290/300's are more abundant so likely what I'll end up on. A Beta Evo is first choice but struggling to find one within budget... hence the possible Sherco.
  25. Hmmmm. Good to know. I can't hop (yet) so would I regret it? For consideration, the only other trials bikes I've ridden are a '71 Sherpa T and this GG Txt/Edition.
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