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    £2750 - Beta Evo 80 Senior - 2019 - Near Scarborough. Call Ed on 07972 860123 for details. Text if you can't get through & I'll call back as reception is poor here.This is the Evo 80 Senior with full size 21 inch front and 18 inch rear wheels, Paioli forks and aluminium yokes are the same as the adult bikes. Bike is in excellent condition and has only seen light use.Properly maintained with regular gearbox oil changes (Putoline GP10) and air filter checked and cleaned every ride. Starts first kick with good compression and power. Brakes are 100%. Bike runs & rides perfectly and is ready to trial, it has been very reliable in our ownership. Apico Fork Guards & Frame Guards included (only removed for the photos).Very capable little bike and only for sale as the rider has moved up to a Beta 125. Call me for further details, any inspection welcome. You won't find a cleaner bike for the money.New tyres just fitted with tubeless conversion in the back.Apico Flexi Levers fitted.Extra fuel filter fitted.New air filter.Chain and sprockets are very good.Head stock bearings are good and just greased.Wheel bearings are good.Brake pads are nearly new.All original plastics & decals are still on the bike.

    2,750.00 GBP

  2. The plug can test good with a fat spark but break down internally under further load and thermal variance. Just has a brand new NGK do this after three hours. Finally ran after many kicks but spluttered to a stop after a minute. Sounded as if the timing was badly retarded when it did run briefly & I was convinced that was the problem after I eliminated the usual carb issues on a brand new bike. Another new plug fixed it at the dealer!
  3. Top post. All Evo torques in one place at last. Deserves a pin, very useful mate.
  4. Blocked pilot jet? Pull out the tap and in tank filter and clean out the ally fuel tank. New to me 2017 Evo had a fair amount of metal swarf still in there from it's manufacture. I attached a hose pipe to the hole for the tap and poured about five tankfulls of kero through it. Also fit an extra clear filter in the hose to the carb. My brother just bought a new Evo and got a stuck float valve immediately with metal swarf coming out of the in frame ally tank.
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