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  1. Aye it's a bit quiet and worrying . I know our club site died a death .We've recently revamped it and really it just gives the official club info. We have one of these fb sites which which i detest but that's the one everyone uses apart from me who has never seen it even though I'm Trials convener. Even Trials riders span of attention is getting shorter.
  2. breagh1

    Diaphragm Clutch

    It was fine , best he's ridden, these clutches must be so marginal? I even notice it getting harder to pull when the engines really hot. Anyway all good for now.
  3. breagh1

    Diaphragm Clutch

    HI nhuskys the clutch was new when I got it late 19 though it could have been old stock, I'm pretty sure you're right a new one would cure it but I'm pretty mean. It went totally against the grain but I've given it a right roasting probably about a years worth of wear in 10 mins and I think that's going to do the trick though I wouldn't recommend it. It's certainly much lighter so as long as it doesn't slip it'll do. I'll see how Junior gets on at tomorrows Trial ! Nice to hear from you.
  4. breagh1

    Diaphragm Clutch

    Any cheats for making these lighter? It's a 2017 125 . The clutch is newish with a 1mm pressure plate instead of the 1.5 mm I think, anyway it's got the thinner plate already . Being Scottish I don't want to replace the clutch. Running synthetic ATF if it makes any difference. Cheers. .
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