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  1. weres the middle 1 mate?
  2. what can i do to make my 4rt stand out from the rest in terms of styling and programmable throttle bodys ??
  3. hiya all the little restrictor well thats what i think it is on the end of the silencer if you take it off what diffrence does it make?
  4. 07betarev3

    4rt Cooling

    ok thanks for your help peaple!
  5. 07betarev3

    4rt Cooling

    hi all,just got a 07 repsol 4rt,love the bike but the fan seems to be cutting in alot more than my rev 3 did?? do there all do this?after a few minutes from starting it up the fan cuts in,is there anyway to keep the engine cooler?
  6. got my beta off a austrian lad that travels round with mitch wilcocks think he is his minder its been to all 06 outdoor rounds:)
  7. haha thats my mates 06 scorpa its gone thought death has that bike penine trial sport will tell you about it just ask about jordans dransfields 06 scorpa he got
  8. 07betarev3

    Scorpa T Ride

    has any one hurd anything about the scorpa t ride???? i came across it on the scorpa website looks cool
  9. sorry peaple http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=flappit thats the right link let me no what you think
  10. hi all,check out the clips see what you think thank http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=flappits
  11. hi all, does any one know if trials is on eurosport at all any time soon if so whats the date and times thanks peaple.
  12. well am good mates with the lads at colin apleyards dave was telling me there were trying to get him to sell the adam raga hebo helmets haha
  13. was me got one for xmas,hope the young does well on montesa but a dont think he will to be honist total diffrent ball game on a 4stroke
  14. hi all have you seen any picture of toni bou on montesa yet here are to i have seen
  15. lampkin!!!! still the king in my eyes and still got what it takes to be world chamption when all bikes go 4t lampkin and fuji will stand above the rest
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