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  1. Looking for a few parts for my '98 Techno. I've been searching for a rear fender and a kickstand. Is there a good source for these things? I've had no luck so far. Thanks!
  2. Thanks guys... this bike is new to me so I'm sure I'll have other issues/questions. I was finally able to get it started. I think the plug was just fouled and needed to get it all cleaned up and dried out. I appreciate the assistance.
  3. Resurrecting this thread... I have a '98 Techno that I left the fuel on for a few days. Now it doesn't seem to want to start. I've pulled the plug and it was a bit wet so I used another plug I had that was new... still no fire. I haven't specifically checked the spark but considering the bike ran fine a few days ago I don't suspect the spark. My questions are, doesn't the engine fill up with fuel if you leave the fuel valve on? If so, will that prevent it from starting? How can the fuel be removed without disassembling the whole thing? Thanks in advance!
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