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  1. Or stick a 12 v battery charger direct to the fan. That way you'll bypass everything and know if it's just the fan motor that's had it. No panic if it is. Sherco ones tend to be quite expensive so I stuck a gas gas one on mine for half the price. Just had to extend the wires slightly. Good luck
  2. Just had the same problem, with the same model bike. I bought a gas gas fan for 50 quid. Only needs a very slight modification. works perfectly.
  3. OK Thanks neo. A couple of people have mentioned the slave now. Can anyone tell me how to access it and check and see if there is a problem?
  4. That's great. Thanks for the explanations and advice, much appreciated I'll get on to it.
  5. Should have mentioned that I'm relatively new to this so I apologise if my terminology isn't 100% correct 'dabster'. I thought the area round the lever was made up of a fluid reservior and what I thought was called a master cylinder with a circlip, piston and spring inside (which I've changed). It is still stiff so that's why I was thinking the problem could be further down. What is the 'slave' then? Any help would be greatly appreciated as i'm really keen to solve the problem
  6. I posted a thread a while back about my 290 sherco with a heavy clutch but didn't get any replies. Since then i've tried a few things such as flushing the fluid through and bleeding the system as well as changing the piston in the master cylinder which seemed slow to return. None of which have made much diffrence. My next step is take the outer cluch cover off but am not too sure what i'm looking out for. Doese anyone have any suggestions as to what the problem might be. I'm thinking it might need new plates but don't want to splash out until i know if that's a realistic possibility. I could really use some input from you guys
  7. jezzaxt

    Heavy Clutch

    Hello everyone. Just changed from a beta and got a sherco 290 (2000 I think). Rode my first trial with it on sunday and the clutch seemed heavier/stiffer than what i'm used to. After a days riding it was getting hard work. I've riden a mates sherco (same model) and it appears alot lighter. Does anyone have any suggestions on a possible cure. I was thinking of perhaps bleeding the clutch or changing the fluid? If not then i'll live with it, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks alot
  8. Ok. Thanks everyone. Nice to know i'm not alone. If I end up having to replace the clutch plates does anyone know how tricky it is to do? Is anyone able to provide a walk through on how it's done?
  9. New to the forum and have had some good advise so far, so thanks to everyone. My latest problem is that the clutch seems to take ages to warm up. I've changed the oil which has helped slightly but it still needs a good 5 - 10 minutes to free up. Its got to the stage where I always have to kick it into gear with the front wheel against the garage wall for fear of lurching off down the road. I did it once and ended up in a heap at the bottom of the garden having smashed through the gate. You only do it once. Anyway if this is normal then i'll live with it. However if anyone has any suggestions i'd be very grateful.
  10. Ok thanks for that. I've put a new plug in and in the end took the carb off. It looked pretty grimey in there so I blasted it out with some carby cleaner good and proper. A few kicks later and she started. I've had the carb off a few times now and have had to blast it out. I've put an in line fuel filter on trying to cover all bases here. Can't see any splits in the air intake or box and i've changed the air filter. The thing is I don't know if its common to have to blast the carb out as often as I do. A couple of my mates have got sherco's and never have to touch their bikes. On another point i've been running ona 50:1 mix i.e 100ml of oil to a gallon of petrol. Can anyone advise me if this is correct. Have seen a fair bit on the forum about this with regard to the later models and people seem to runa bit leaner? Thanks for all the advice so far
  11. hello. Thought I'd let you know that I had exactly the same problem with my techno. Exhaust rubbing and wore hole in it. Turned out I'd bent the subframe. I managed to straighten it out fairly easily by putting some metal tubing over it and levering it back into place. A friend made a tidy job of patching the exhaust by riveting a section of sheet metal over the top. Problem solved. Hope this helps
  12. Thanks alot for that everyone. It's definately sparking. I'll turn the fuel off as I never ever do that and see how we go. After that i'll try the throttle and adjustment and tweaking the tick over. my gut feeling is that its getting too much fuel if that's possible. Thanks again
  13. Hello. New to the forum and would be grateful of some advice. I've had a beta techno techno 250 1995 for just over a year and it can be very tempremental. If I run her regularly she's fine but if left she gets the hump and won't start . I've checked the spark which seems fine, and after several kicks the plug is wet so it would appear to be getting fuel. Eventually she fires into life and once up and running it's absolutelty fine. starts first kick. Next day it's back to the start again. If anyone has any suggestions I'd be eternally grateful coz my left leg is aching and my foot hurts from kicking it over so much. I have tried a few different plugs but not found one that solves the problem consistently
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