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  1. hello mate, you up for doing the launceston trial on sunday???

    let us know.


  2. hi guys having trouble trying to find some practice areas in the plymouth area so if anybody knows of anywhere it will be greatly appreciated thanks very much
  3. hi mikee thanks for the replying mate. im up for catching up for some practising and im well up for the trial near princetown. finding it pretty hard too find places to practice near me so would be good if you could show me some practice areas near you. im good for weekend practises and some evenings depending on when your free. my e-mail addy is murphster968r@aol.com if you wanna drop me a message there. thanks again mate and hope to catch up soon
  4. hi all is there anybody in the plymouth or surrounding area who is looking for somebody too ride with in both practicing and local comps think its always better to ride with someone. just got back into trials after a few years away and am looking for somebody too practice with. i have my own transport etc so meeting at various places is not a problem. im 26 and very keen to learn again so if there is anybody out there drop me a line cheers guys
  5. hi all i have a couple of questions that i need some help with. the 1st question is is it normal for a clutch to be sticking when the bike has been standing for a couple of days and cold. my 290 seems to jump forward initially then works fine after also fine when hot. is this normal and is there anyting i can do to rectify this. my 2nd question is what coolant should i be using. can i use normal coolant diluted at 50/50 or is there a specific coolant like wetter better any advice on either question will be greatly recieved thanks guys and happy riding
  6. hi james thanks for the reply if you could send me some info on the clubs that would be fantastic. thanks once again
  7. hi thanks for the advice guys ill run it up tomorrow just to make sure. ill also try disconnecting the thermo switch and joining the wires. ill let you know how i get on i may need some more help
  8. hi all great to be back into trials after a long layoff not riden since i was 12 (now 26) and i must say cant believe ive been away for so long. just got myself a tidy sherco 290 and really cant wait to get riding again. im looking for some info on local clubs in the plymouth or surrounding areas and places to practice if anybody has any usefull info t that would be great. also if there are any riders in the local area that go out riding on there own who want somebody to ride with practice and comps then drop me a line thanks any advice and info is greatly recieved and cant wait to get back on the pegs thanks
  9. hi guys need a little help reference my cooloing fan on my sherco 290. im not too sure ifs working as ive only had the bike a couple of weeks. what sort of temperature is needed before the fan kicks in. ive been out on it this morning for about to hours and it still didnt kick in. is there a way of checking the fan is working without having to run the bike. any advice is very greatly appreciated thanks very much
  10. hay murph hows the riding going?


  11. hi just in trials riding and if possible would like some info on tyre pressures for various terrains and conditions ie rocky, muddy dry etc thanks also i have an sherco 290 01 so would love to hear from anyone with some maintanence tips they could share anything will be appreciated from cleaning air filters to bleeding blakes absolutely any info greatly appreciated and especially keys areas to look out for thanks very much and look forward to hearing from some experianced riders
  12. hi mate try rcm trialsport in cornwall they sorted me out with some graphics you will find there number in t&mx news hope this helps
  13. hi does anybody have or know where i can get hold of a black exhaust protector for my sherco 290 as im having trouble sourcing one thanks very much
  14. hi max cheers fot replying. i would be very interested in joining launceston motorcycle club if you could give me some more info how to join etc. as i would'nt mind the short joirney over the bridge. as for practicing it would be great to meet up and do some practicing, how often and what days do you generally ride? im free normally wed afternoons evenings, fri afternoons and weekends and hopefully when we get some better weather an evening or too. anyway max thanks for the info and i look forward to hearing and hopefully catching up soon all the best lee my e-mail addy murphster968r@aol.com i can give you my number then and vice versa thanks once again
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