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  1. In my experience, after a ride, pressure wash the chain then spray with WD40, GT85 whatever. Then let that disperse water overnight then lube with Poutoline Chain lube (DX11?), Job done!
  2. Dont bother with a holding tool. use a good ratchet gun and it will come off peice of piddle
  3. Differnt bike i know, but my rev3 125 (07) will pull 2nd 3rd off the bottom no problem. Just like my old montesa 315! I have a 105 main and a 45 pilot.
  4. I have a feeling the 08 rear guard is around 90quid!
  5. John lampkin Also rebuilds these shocks! Send it too him and it will be
  6. I have had bikes with the starter on the right and now my beta on the left. It must have taken me about a week to get used to the left hand kick, and now i love it. Soooooo much better than the starter on the right!
  7. Ive just done this on my 125. p*** easy! Just hook it out with a flat blade screw driver. Dont go in too deep because there is a bearing behind it! But nice and easy it just flops out.
  8. yamahaty250xox


    But SXS only make aftermarket kits. I do believe this man needs the full bike set, (as do i!). There is a company on ebay that makes 2008 and 2005 full sticker kits, so they may be able to produce a 2007. max
  9. if you have filled the coolent up it may be a case of it being too full. The rad cap will relese water if the level is not spot on. Try leaving it for two rides and it should find its own level.
  10. why dont you try 2.5wt oil. It can make a big differnce.
  11. About 6 local club riders rode the last round of the expert B champ in devon. I do believe you can enter even when not on the list.
  12. White Bros of Darlington i think.
  13. Its the norm with every beta with a mikuni carb. There are many mods that can be done, there tricky but can cure this problem. Try using the search facility on the forum.
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