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  1. its swings and roundabouts mate. i bought a 53 plate ford transit and since then I have spent more than what it cost to buy new in repairs! its now sat down the road waiting to be picked up (sold for 350 quid as a non runner). ive heard of alot of people either having no end of trouble with the transit or absolutely no trouble at all. the only ones you dont seem to hear going wrong are the merc vito and the VW. personally if I had to go for a smaller van I would buy a VW now. unfortunately i require a LWB high roof van and theres a significant price difference! Ive now steered away from the van route as none of them seem to do the job nearly as well as they should. ive bought a 5 x 12 x 6 box trailer and a Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian. all for business use though because at the moment I dont have a bike =( all the best Tom
  2. just been looking on eBay as im selling my bike soon and I just came across this auction... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/gas-gas-txt-250-pro-...=item230796591f nice looking bike but at the bottom it says.. "Plus note... This TXT PRO is the model with traction control !!" is this a load of rubbish or have I somehow missed this feature!? All the best Tom
  3. Ello mate, where abouts in Chesterfield are you? I recently moved from Chesterfield to Dronfield. All the best Tom
  4. Took a good look at it today... the tank is definately strange, I can see the reason for putting it there but fuel will always get spilled FACT, and when it spills, you know its going alllll over your rear tyre, chain and sprockets and disc, maybe even working its way into bearings and stripping grease. also, has anyone looked inside the airbox? there is 1 small clip that holds the plastic cover on which I heared a few people saying "thats going to get knocked off", personally i dont think it will and it provides really quick access to the air filter, but an even bigger problem I see is that I dont think it would make a difference if it was knocked off. the cover is just that, a cover, with no seal of any kind. and underneif it is a flat 1" ish thick peice of filter foam (almost rectancular) which just rests ontop of the airbox outlet with a bit of holey plastic that sits ontop of it. Again, there is absolutly no seal around the edges of the air filter foam and im sure it think it will be easy to get crap into your carb. I may be wrong, ive seen airboxes that look incredibly well sealed and they let allsorts of crud in so it might be fine? the engine looks nice in black in my opinion but looks cheap, the crankcases look pretty roughly cast and have just been painted over. on a lighter note, I think the tank/exhaust LOOKS really nice and tidy. and It will ride well, that go's without saying. im not even sure its finished so there may be some last minute changes. looking forward to seeing how it all pans out. Tom
  5. tell a lie, I managed to balance a honda goldwing for a good few minutes. it was a trike though..... Tom
  6. aye that would end it, best I got is a honda CB1300
  7. yes! every day hehe, unless there is a trial on? Tom
  8. both my favorite colours......does this mean im destined to have a bike most people will perceive as discusting? Tom
  9. for some very strange reason, i actually like it. think i need therapy..... Tom
  10. If you think about what these bikes are used for, Im surprised things like this dont happen more often. we also dont know what surcumstances these bikes are in to get this mangled. ive seen a GasGas fall off the edge of a quarry, fall about 50ft (maybe more) and come away with nothing but a broken lever and a snapped rear mudguard (which as usual, fastens back on in minutes). unfortunately, people never take pictures of their bike and show off about how un-broken it is! All the best Tom
  11. spoke to craig robinson, he had one crack in the same place and said it can be welded no problem. going to take it to him next week and hopefully pick it up saturday when I go to the GG test day =] Thanks people. Tom
  12. aye but you dont do 8ft drop-offs in a car!! will give them a shout though, they may be sympathetic to me and work me out a deal. Tom
  13. My frame recently broke either side of the rear shock (the bent tubular peices) on my 08 pro, does anyone know if this can be welded and will it be strong enough? if not, how much would I be looking at for a new 08 frame or 09 frame as a rough guide? All the best Tom
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