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  1. Very easy mate, they fit in front of the headstock with a pipe running over to your tank breather. This then siphons over the fuel from the 1.1ltr tank into the main tank before using the bikes tank fuel. Also double up as a base to stick your number to. Picture here - http://www.trialsuk.co.uk/products/fuel-tanknumber-board
  2. Amazing video by Chris Northover who can really put the Oset 20" through its paces! http://www.trialsuk....russian-embassy
  3. Hi Lee we have one left in size XL mate, after that i doubt there will be any more coming. http://www.trialsuk.co.uk/products/jitsie-2012-scratch-hoodie
  4. Oset 20" link All that we know at the moment mate. We had Ian Smith in the shop on saturday and he is still finalising the spec of the bike with the manufacturers cheers Nige
  5. Oset 12" and 16" 24v in stock now mate, still waiting for the new shipment of 36v (because we sold all they had) to arrive in the country which is expected anytime now. We keep between 5 and 10 bikes in stock at any one time along with all spares. Hope this helps
  6. Take a look HERE at a video of the latest specifications of the new 2012 Sherco, presented by John Killer Kendrew
  7. trialsuk

    Lampkins silsden !

    This is not an unusual situation, Chris and everyone else at Beta UK are extremely helpful and very good at what they do !
  8. If you are going up the Swainey on Saturday keep a look out for a guy called Gareth. He will be in a big blue van and riding a 2010 Gasgas 280. He is very helpful and has guided many a club member over the years, and i am sure he will be only to pleased to advise you mate. Have fun and don't get to ambitious early on. As said before just ask anyone for advice. We are all a friendly bunch in trials.
  9. Just a short video of the big man himself hosting a superb auction run by Andy and the team from Trials Central at the 2010 World Trials Round held at Nevis Range in Fort William. Thousands of pounds were raised in support of childrens cancer charity. Well done all involved. Take a look HERE Roll on Nevis Range 2011...
  10. Excellent Pete sounds like a great event. Great to see you are encouraging all levels of young super stars and i hope it all goes well and is well supported mate
  11. Just had my list of ACU/FIM events for next year and the TDN is down as Great Britain on 10th & 11th Sept
  12. Horsforth & DMC Trials UK British Championship trial on the 18th Sept will be keeping entries open for any E class rider wishing to ride in this event. It will not be too hard and will separately from the main trial and conducted. Anyone wishing to ride please advise Nige at Trials UK So get your practise in at Addingham and then ride next weekend in the national at Tong
  13. Riders who are competing in the C & D British championship at Tong on Saturday 18th Sept are able to make a full weekend of it and stay and ride the Ladies National on the Sunday if they wish. If you want to do this then please let Nige at Trials UK know as soon as possible by email at Trials UK email Then just send your entries in using the ladies entry form along with your cheque for
  14. Found nothing to beat the deal that Doodson Insurance are offering. They know what a trials bike is for one thing and they offer insurance to protect your bike at home and at an event for
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