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  1. The bike looks great. Well done not an easy feat to pull off. What kind on run time are you achieving?
  2. A multi setting 'plug in' Pico Amps controller is now available from OSET. My son has been using one over the last couple of months, transforming the power delivery of the 36v bike.
  3. Yes, the standard bike is running 48v lead acid batteries. The run time is far longer than the smaller bikes. Running at 70 amps.
  4. The Dynamo team are using Nau helmets in XS size. My smallest lad has an Airoh in size 52, there are pro's & cons with these ones. Pros are 1. really lite, cons 1. Don't take a drop and crack/split very easily, 2. Price, 3. Hard to find in that size. Good luck
  5. The UK launch was at the WTC. Bikes should be at UK dealers in September. RRP
  6. Yes, the Fox boots are the best for really little riders. UK 10 = K11 US. The low height is a real winner as they don't restrict movement as some other boots do.. Pants & shirts - Answer & Fox make very small sizes and OSET will have their own riding gear you saw at WTC in the shops this August.
  7. There will be a conducted E class route at the Spen Valley trial tomorrow at Harden Moor. 12 noon start. See Spen's website for directions.
  8. I agree Pete, I'm not sure what difference it would made to numbers. I do think that letting 16 year olds rider 250's is a good move. You can ride in MotoGP at that age, so why not a 250 trials bike.
  9. Hi All, events suitable for E & D class riders are really taking off this year. In Yorkshire we're spoilt for choice. Clubs running a route suitable for Oset's include Yeadon Guiseley, Spen Valley, Horsforth, West Leeds, Bumpy, Ripon & Richmond. There's also similar events run by Earl Shilton, Kent Youth, Nene Valley & Surrey Youth. As Frazer has said, keep an eye on Oset's new website. Events are being added all the time.
  10. If you're not in too much of a hurry, the new 20" wheel OSET will out in the spring. The OSET will be significantly lighter than a comparable petrol machine.
  11. A real shame, but thanks for letting us know.
  12. A good benchmark would be to compare costs with want Bumpy are already doing very well in West Yorkshire. Good luck.
  13. Not sniping at you Dave. Just Very disappointed that the Club didn't let all the members know about the Proposition. The last time this came up I publicised it widely and STOP was voted in. The lack of publicity seems to have allowed No Stop back after a number of years where Stop has worked quite successfully.

  14. Jeremy, I didn't vote either way on this rule change, so I've no axe to grind. Also, I had no idea what was on the agenda until they were handed out about 10 minutes before the AGM started. I'm not too sure what you mean regarding motives etc? The No Stop point was raised, a few argued for and few against. Then it went to an open vote and there were significantly more in favour than against.
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