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  1. You'll need to change oil during a trial at that rate!!
  2. t-shock 250

    Fantic 301?

    Fantic 301, 1986.
  3. t-shock 250

    Fantic 301?

    Last year of the 301 was '86. '87 & '88 were the 303, is this what you have?
  4. you have to ask the question why it had an odd carb on it in the first place, that's a strange thing to do on a fairly recent bike, something fishy going on there. Have you actually bought it?
  5. All the uk spec bikes are SS now, confirmed by John Lampkin when I spoke to him a few weeks back.
  6. I think they differ between individual bikes, I had a '16 300 & it was lovely & soft off the bottom, great for clubman type plodding & grip finding. Now I have a 2019 300 & its totally different, very sharp & fast. (unlike 5again's bike above strangely) Too much for me in fact, had to put a low compression head insert in, now its just like the standard '16 model was, lovely!
  7. Isnt the TRS ONE R the standard bike now? Or have I misunderstood that.
  8. Test ride first in case you don't like them.
  9. I believe the marketing rights to the "Sherpa" name are held by someone else (not bultaco)
  10. Pressure washer is fine, as long as you are sensible, stand back & don't blast the hell out of it. Then hot soapy water & selection of brushes, dry the bike then do your air filter/lube chain/check bolts etc.
  11. Really pay attention to the line you should be on, the second you're off line, the marks start racking up quick!
  12. Good info above, berlingo/partner would be my choice. Or maybe transit connect.
  13. Seems an odd time to buy an ossa?
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