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  1. You'll need to change oil during a trial at that rate!!
  2. t-shock 250

    Fantic 301?

    Last year of the 301 was '86. '87 & '88 were the 303, is this what you have?
  3. you have to ask the question why it had an odd carb on it in the first place, that's a strange thing to do on a fairly recent bike, something fishy going on there. Have you actually bought it?
  4. All the uk spec bikes are SS now, confirmed by John Lampkin when I spoke to him a few weeks back.
  5. I think they differ between individual bikes, I had a '16 300 & it was lovely & soft off the bottom, great for clubman type plodding & grip finding. Now I have a 2019 300 & its totally different, very sharp & fast. (unlike 5again's bike above strangely) Too much for me in fact, had to put a low compression head insert in, now its just like the standard '16 model was, lovely!
  6. Isnt the TRS ONE R the standard bike now? Or have I misunderstood that.
  7. Test ride first in case you don't like them.
  8. I believe the marketing rights to the "Sherpa" name are held by someone else (not bultaco)
  9. Pressure washer is fine, as long as you are sensible, stand back & don't blast the hell out of it. Then hot soapy water & selection of brushes, dry the bike then do your air filter/lube chain/check bolts etc.
  10. Really pay attention to the line you should be on, the second you're off line, the marks start racking up quick!
  11. Good info above, berlingo/partner would be my choice. Or maybe transit connect.
  12. 280 has larger bore, 240 had "240" on the radiator shroud, that is all the differences.
  13. 238cc or 276cc, take your pick.
  14. t-shock 250

    Trs Bike Unveiled

    I reckon this TRS looks superb, and in my opinion is the ideal bike to launch just at the right time. No gimmicky technology, quirky design or 4 stroke nonsense *puts tin helmet on* It actually looks well finished as if its been in production for a few seasons. Good luck to them & its a machine I would definitely be interested in buying when the time comes for a change.
  15. t-shock 250

    Trs Bike Unveiled

    I like it! Shame about 5 speed box, I really couldn't get used to that on the sherco.
  16. Do they sell any in Spain? or is it the same there?
  17. Did you not get on with it when you tried one out beforehand? You did try one out first didn't you?
  18. t-shock 250


    Dougie Lampkin Ltd
  19. Yes, you're putting too much oil in for it to be burnt, hence it passes straight into the exhaust, and because re-packing the sherco silencer isn't an easy job you're making a job for yourself.
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