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  1. Hi, my sherco has had a knock on the back end. The mudgaurd will not clip over the air box, there about a 1" gap between the air box and the frame spar that the mudgaurd bolts to. The air box and mudguard dont fit together very well. Can someone please take a few pictures of the back end of thier bike, that i can use for reference when straightening. Really need to see the alignment of the air box with silencer and the frame tube if possible. Any pics o fthe back end both together and with out plastic would help. thanks in advance.
  2. i think the guys might be right, lean main would be my guess. If you dont have a larger main, try droppng clip a notch to see if improves. Also consider fuel screw, a lean fuel screw caused chaos on my brothers. Was only apparent at high revs. If you get any pinking what so ever turn fuel screw out a little bit at a timne until it disappears.
  3. i would say you have answered your own question kind of. You say ran on reserve which mean s you have probably pulled all kinds of ****e out of tank into your engine. Take your carb off and clean it out. setting fuel screw as per previous posts. mine is 3.5 turns if this helps. good look.
  4. hi, wondering if practice is available at hawks nest tomorrow??? anybody know thanks
  5. howie314

    No Spark-again

    I have manged to do this. I cut the old ht lead flush with coil then cut away at the reaminder with a watch makers screwy. eventually uncovering the normal screw. The porblem is they must be factory sealed with silly *unt. you can get them out just be very careful. I was having just spend
  6. hi, i just put a new piston in my 250 and is very hard to kick over first time. What ido now is basically get to compression point then just lean a small amount of weight on kickstart for couple of seconds. this will reduce the compression a little, then give it a good kick and off you go. I am 14st and i can put 100% of body weight on kckstart and it dnot budge an inch. easiest way i have foundto get mine going with out putting too much pressure on kicker etc. if you search gasgas usa site there are videos showing starting techinques. cheers
  7. I am assuming its two stroke of course, just re read the post. Dobt it will help you much f its not lol. cheers
  8. Hi, if you look for TXT engine knocking in another thread I have been having similar problems, different bike but same problems. After three weeks getting nowhere i have boiled my problem down to oil:fuel ratio. I was running 40:1 and managed t stop it pinking by going really rich everywhere. Today i tried the bike with 80:1 and am now back to stock jetting and mixture screw. As in my case you should be able to jet it to stop but will end up pretty rich. My advice would be to try different fuel:oil mixes. Not sure what others say, but 98 petrol is the only thing i use, preferably shell optimax. hope this helps
  9. may sound daft but have tried a real good mess with airscrew, in my case air screw setting is like a switch as screw in between normal running and consistent "pink" on fast throttle response. cheers
  10. hi peter, thanks for your advice. I have previously checked all the areas you speak of. but i will check again. I am yet to find out what the effect of running 40:1 oil will have on jetting, most likely a small effect but will have some, and i assume means i must richen the air/fuel ratio due to that fuel being replaced by oil. I have always ran 2t engines on 40:1 and really dont like the idea of 100:1 I also have yet to check consistent running etc, any failure here would indicate air leak as you suggest. Will keep all informed. thanks in advance for your help.
  11. hi, took your comments along side answer recieved from gasgas usa guru. I now have 122 main with stock needle on clip 4 (lowest) still with 35 pilot. fuel screw 3 1/2 turns out and bike runs with no knock what so ever. I intend to goto 124/125 main & 40 pilot, on order. I have a 126 main but this is little rich on clip 3. Seems to be very much a balancing act for this bike, but now i am nearly there and armed with right info i can check settings to hopefully find a happy medium at all throttle positions. bike is far happier now though and pullsa like it should. i think i was litterally too lean at bottom and full throttle positions, but spend most of time at mid throttle which was about right, hence nice plug. if i find that happy place i will let you know so you can try yours. thanks for your help.
  12. have you tried this arrangement? thanks for advice by the way.
  13. Hi all, i have a 2001 txt 250 that has a really annoyed engine knock. Only seems to do it from idle and quick throttle response, but occasionally at consistent high revs too. sound is a very mettalic clunk not consistent just every now and then. Sounds like detonation or knock but i have tried the following to no avail yet.... I have tried idle jet 30-35 with all needle clip positions. I have tried 118 and 122 main jets. new plug, both this and old plug are almost perfect in terms of colour and no deposits. advancing and retarding timing to limits of travel (seems worse when advanced from stock though) decoke head and new piston kit, big end checked and ok as are crank mains. If anything noise occurs slightly more often with new piston kit and decoked head. Flywheel and clutch all ok. waterpump seems tight andfree of play. The fault is present in neutral as well as gear so assuming nothing to do with gearbox. Have exhausted my ideas, can anybody think of anything else i can try???? thanks in advance for your help
  14. howie314

    Worth It?

    my brother had the same problem, he had rebuilt with the free wheeling cog wrong way round, try flipping the cog so the dog can engage. hope this helps. if in doubt look at the parts lists, they show correct orientation.
  15. hi all, new to trials but been riding motocross for years. Mx graphics always used to be really thick etc, but they were hard to shape. Last set i put on bike were the thin ones, which once warmed up a little stuck like the thick ones. Just ordered some of the ebay graphics, so i hope they do stick, but then again on my old 01 they have to better than whats left of originals. there is no negative feedback on ebay so i guess some people are happy. will let you know if i have any sucess with mine. thnaks
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