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  1. andyt

    06 Airbox Bung ?

    I just take out the air filter, put it in a plastic shopping bag, tuck the rest of the bag into the filter & put it back in the bike. Nothing gets into the airbox or wets the filter.
  2. Got a few vids of my red route laps at local trials in 2011, taken on http://www.liquidimageco.com/products/offroad/impact-series-hd-black.php where the camera is built into the goggles Normandy trial at Addlestone moor Thames trial at Bagshot Normandy trial at Dunsfold Hookwoods trials at Frensham Summer trial at Crondall woods
  3. Got some white on a sherco, pretty easy to apply with a heat gun, although when they arrived I was surprised the are straight. But with the heat they conform to the rim nicely, had them on since the summer, no damage, clean up easily.
  4. Hi, kickstart is stiff returning from the out position, always had to kick it back in. Just had a look at the parts diagram & under the grubscrew there was no spring or ballbearing. The fact that the grubscrew was tight in was causing it to be stiff. Do I need the spring and bearing, is it just a tension adjuster or actually holding it on? The parts diagram looks wrong as I presume the bearing should be on the inside, riding in the groove (which I couldn't see looking through the hole), then spring, then grubscrew. Thanks. 08 290
  5. cheers, it already had a black clutch cover when I got it.
  6. Hi, looking to tart up my 2008 290 - does the black 2009 ignition cover fit? Splatshop - where I found it seemed to think it didn't, but have seen some 08 bikes with the black cover, thanks Andy
  7. andyt

    Lost 1st Gear!

    I popped the forks out, slung it in the back of the car and got my local shop to get the clutch nut off with their impact gun (Farleys in Guildford, very helpful). No idea on the spring, the bikes on old 2000. Bike was working good, trialed both days at the weekend, sunny sat, p****d down Sun, 40 sections in an hour and a half..
  8. andyt

    Lost 1st Gear!

    Well gear problem seemed to go away for a couple of trials until the other week when halfway through I got stuck in 4th & wouldn't shift, so after a strip down & the help from the manuals posted on here I found the problem! Anyway 35 quid later for the shift shaft, it's back together ready for the weekend and how much easier is it to find neutral when the engine is running?
  9. andyt

    Lost 1st Gear!

    Thanks, found it. I had only seen the service manuals in the above link, but the Parts books on Shercousa.com was what I was looking for Cheers
  10. andyt

    Lost 1st Gear!

    Hi all, lost 1st gear on sunday. Neutral is now at the bottom & there is another neutral before 5th - I'm assuming its not good. Any ideas what I should be looking for if I rip the engine appart? I've seen the service manual links on here, is there anywhere with exploded diagrams of the gearbox? Ive had honda 4t minibike engines apart & the shift drum is moved by ratchet & a shift star, but I can't see from the pictures how the gearshaft assembly moves the shift drum. Any idea what might had caused it, I was speeding down some hills between sections with the clutch in? Any advice gratefully received. thanks
  11. andyt

    Sherco 290 Fan Prob

    Cheers thanks for the replies guys, I already tried the thermostat trick & it was deffo the fan motor. Tried a few searches on maplins & the like then even popped into the local RC car shop but couldn't find anyting suitable for mounting to the cage or actually attaching the fan. So eventually cracked & bought the fan from my local shop 96 quid! it was a 'universal' one that was the motor & fan which I didn't need, but they told me the motors are not for sale individually. Then still had to do some botching as this one sat further forward in the mount & the fan touched the rad. Anyway it was a first experience of the fun of taking the bike apart then trying to stuff it all back in the correct place & get the tank to sit back on. Took the cylinder off while I was at it to decoke & check as it was getting a bit loud but I'll save that for another post. thanks
  12. andyt

    Sherco 290 Fan Prob

    Hello all, wondered is their any alternative to paying 90 odd quid for a new fan for my 2000 290, the bike only cost 800 thanks
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