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  1. Evening all, Can anyone recommend a trails training ground (pay and play) area in between Stoke on Trent and Stafford? I’m looking for somewhere halfway-ish between where me and my mate live so we can hook up and just have a play about. many thanks.
  2. Totty, Dan - Thanks for your input. Yes, I think its a lower compression thingymejig under the cylinder head wich will probably help. Anyway - bought it! Pick it up on Tuesday
  3. Folks, Newish to trails - I had a 2012 Beta 2T for 12/18 months and got on ok with it but sold it due to working abroad. I was going to try and pick another up but missed out. There is a locally sourced 2018 Factory Evo 300 2T available but I am wondering how wild they are. I am not in a position to have a test ride and nor do I know anyone in the trials community that I could blag a ride on one from. It has an aftermarket head on to alter the compression (blue anodised SR3 - you may know what that means) to smooth out the bottom end power delivery and I could put a slow action throttle on for the time being. I have been riding for 25yrs+ ; road, track, green laning (and I appreciate trials is a different animal) but is the 300 2T a vastly different animal to the 250 for a relative novice at trials? I am not looking to be jumping up rock faces, launching across upturned skips and being a Toni Bou but nor am I looking to launch myself into A&E on Sunday afternoon - just easy trials sections, skills building at pay and play areas and maybe some short green laning with the VRM slapped on. Any experienced words of wisdom?!
  4. Hi folks, New to the forum pages and finding my way around this site - and about to buy a Beta Evo 250 2T. I'm a very novice trials rider; I bought a 2012 Beta Evo a few years ago (turning 40 years old and wanted to try a motorcycle discipline I'd not done before) but went to work overseas and sold it - only had it maybe 12 months. I did a few events in the Cheshire area where I lived at the time and quite enjoyed it. I have since relocated home to the Redditch / Bromsgrove area and keen to find local training grounds, trials club etc to occupy me when I'm not green laning / working. I am not really familiar with the Worcestershire area so if anyone can point me in the direction of a novice friendly club and a couple of 'pay and play' training areas then I would be most grateful!
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