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  1. Has anyone painted the blue 199 tank? My tank faded badly as many of these blue tanks do and I'm not sure if this plastic will hold the paint well. I'm also concerned about sanding this plastic in fear of making it look worse.
  2. I'm finishing up a 199A so I know what you're going through. InMotion parts come unbelievably fast to the States. But, Hugh's or now its known as ClassicBultaco.com is very good. Tim Wever is an excellent source of advice and help and they have lots more than on their site. Call or send an email.
  3. I found a nut (U.S. size) that fits snug and acts as a spacer, yet allows the bolt to pass through unthreaded.
  4. My parts does say my frame number (9077) uses the bushing.
  5. Lorenzo, I checked the frame and the mounting today. Where the head stay mounts on the frame is barely 5mm wide, far narrower than on the exploded view. Mine is a199A frame. So I would not think a spacer would be necessary.
  6. MarkB, I've got to say I'm quite impressed by your ability and confidence in tackling this job. For someone young like yourself who has never done this you should be very proud. Great job!
  7. Thanks Lorenzo. I'll find something to fit.
  8. Regarding the rear shock positioning, I think the traditional positioning like Mark has it avoids some mud getting on the critical parts. I got a new pair of Betors for mine and I was told the same thing that they can go either way.
  9. Thank you for the replies. I have loosen all and am awaiting the part from InMotion.
  10. Hi, Been looking over your site and lots of good info. I'm fixing up a 199A and it does not have a head stay/steady. I ordered one from In Motion, but I have two questions. First, is it really necessary and do I need to re-torque the entire head bolts and nuts? The guy at In Motion said only do the two that hold it onto the head, while a shop here in the States said you should loosen them all and re-torque. Not sure what to do.
  11. Getting a model 199A ready for the season after taking a few years off from trials, so I plan to post some questions in the Bultaco section. This is my 3rd T, the first one I got in 1974 when I was a junior in high school, the second one I rode back around 2006-2008 or so. Most events are through the Mid Atlantic Trials group, that runs most events in PA with some in Ohio, WV, and Maryland.
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