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  1. Dissembled clutch on 1985 beta Tr32 and no thrust bearing is present. Just a couple of plain washers. Clutch wasn’t great but still slightly worked. Why is this and what further damage will it have caused?
  2. Thanks, will try more adjustment.
  3. Hi, I've spent the last few weeks restoring an old beta Tr32. I’ve got the bike going but there’s a couple of issues so I’m looking for some advice. The main issue is that the clutch will not engage/disengage very well. There seems to be no order in which the gears shift and It’s very hard to find nutral. Somehow you can change gear without pulling the clutch lever and sometimes I cannot get the bike out of gear once it’s going! the other major issue is that sometimes the throttle seems to get stuck and the bike revs like crazy. any advice on what may be causing these issues would be much appreciated.
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