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  1. piercemcneal

    2001 Rev 3

    i use a bpr6es
  2. piercemcneal


    is this for all beta rev 3s or just the 03? i have a 2001 and i use the recomended coolant for it but would distilled water and antifreeze be better?
  3. piercemcneal

    2001 Rev 3

    thanks alot, i think i will try that out, glad i discovered such a neat website. thanks again.
  4. piercemcneal

    2001 Rev 3

    Hey guys, I'm new to this whole posting questions and forum thing, so i thought i would try it out with a question i have had for a long time. I have a 2001 Beta rev3 250 and ever since i bought the bike my riding has improved dramaticaly, but i was wondering, after looking at some other posts if there are any adjustments i can make to the bike to make it ride a little more agile, to suit my riding style better?
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