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  1. tumble

    bar risers

    Thanks alot will will have a look!
  2. tumble

    bar risers

    Hi all, I've recently bought a fantic 303, after having a gas gas for four years, I'm really enjoying the bike but finding the low bars very akward and sore on my upper back , would like to hear if anyone else has experienced this and the best way to sort it, cheers john
  3. Thanks again, will have a look, yeah was getting bad kick back when it went will give it a try, any idea if 200 start gear would fit???
  4. Hi thanks for the reply, it's the double idler gear that's shed teeth
  5. Hello, I have broke some teeth on my montesa 310 kick start gears, was wondering if these are available and if any others fit? Thanks John.
  6. hi scott thanks for that, we've mostly been riding between alexandria and carbeth and on carman hill and qaurry, definately not dougie lampkins but we enjoy it,where abouts do you ride yourself, john
  7. hi all me and a couple of mates have been messing about on trials bikes in the loch lomond area, we would like to hear from any clubs or beginners trials coming up cheers john.
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