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  1. Anyone know whats happening with the milton buzzard trials club new practice site/area please? Cheers
  2. Ahh ... easy when you know how Thanks Darren
  3. The obvious one's for me is Ebay and TC as they have probably the biggest audience. Thanks Is there a place to sell on this forum? I have looked but cant see one.
  4. Hello all Can I have some pointers on where to sell my bike in the UK please? Cheers Darren
  5. ... so I picked my bike up ... I love it Thanks for all the input etc Now I just have to find places to ride it Cheers
  6. Hello all I have just bought my first trials bike which i am very pleased with and have rode it on a few fields etc to get used to the slow, balancing side of the sport. I would like to also ride on some trails, wooded areas or farmland etc but do not know where to go to. I live in Milton keynes but do not mind travelling to get to somewhere to ride. I suppose the furthest i'd like to travel is up to an hours drive (ish). But the closer the better really. So can someone give me any ideas please? cheers
  7. Thanks for the replies everyone ... much appreciated. I think I am going to stick with original choice of the gasgas. I think that from what Ive read here, all the bikes will be pretty much the same for my level (complete beginner) and only start showing their strengths and weaknesses to the better rider. Also, I am used to maintaining bikes as Ive ridden motocross and road bikes for a long time. This does not worry me too much, as long as the bike doesnt start to self destruct. I actually find it very relaxing to work on a bike. I am picking it up on Saturday and will let you know how it goes etc. Of course, I will still be interested in more opinions between now and then and so please feel free to add to this ... Cheers
  8. I'm new here, so firstly hello all! I am buying my first Trials bike this weekend (never even ridden one before) and have ordered a discounted 2007 Gasgas 250 pro I am worried that I am not buying the correct bike and would like to know what peoples opinions are. The dealer sells Gasgas, Beta, Montesa, Scorpa and Sherco and so I have the choice of many bikes. I chose the Gasgas purely because I like the look of the more than the others and also because the dealer recommended it as a good bike to start with (as good as any other anyway). I am nearly 18 stone and have done lots of motocross in the past, which is why the dealer suggested going for the 250. Has anyone any thoughts on whether I am choosing the correct bike please? Cheers
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