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  1. Yes, that's my bike. Are you able to message me offline and I can give you my mobile number?
  2. Yes, they left the scooter The crime number is: 5218129920 and Avon & Somerset Police are on 101 or anonymously via West Country Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.
  3. Thieves broke into my garage in Almondsbury, North Bristol on the evening of Monday 11th June 2018 and stole my excellent condition and much loved 2004 Scorpa SY-250. It has dark blue PVC tape on the frame down members and a dent on the rear section of the exhaust outlet. It was fitted with some Trials Control footrests made by Chris Wrigley and I also replaced the rear slotted brake disk with a solid one from a Montesa. The frame number is: 400351 (*VVU6GY*)
  4. I need to replace the bearings on the rear wheel of my SY250. What tools and techniques are required to get the old ones out?
  5. Folks, Here are links to some 720p HD footage I put on YouTube for the February 2013 Kingswood MCC Avery Trial at Yate Court. Start from car park: About an hours worth of footage from the trial: [there is a rider timelist in the About->'Show more' drop down box]If your broadband connection is fast enough please remember to select the HD option from the sprocket in the bottom right corner of the playback screen. Enjoy!
  6. Fixed the embedding setting in Vimeo so the 55 minute video (first one) should now play when you click on it...
  7. Good to hear that you're well into the bone healing process Alex. No doubt Barry will be sending you a sack of onions to chew on when he's finished his first aid course How long will you have the cast on for and did they give you crutches or can you get around without them? All the best mate.
  8. I would like to say a huge thank you to the organizers and club officials of the Zona One MCC for helping me at their trial on Sunday 4th November 2007 at Hayes Coppice in Monmouth. After the first lap of 12 very rideable sections, I decided to make my way back to the car for some juice when, near section 2, I fell off my trusty Scorpa and landed awkwardly on my head which was pushed into my chest. On impact, my upper neck made a very disconcerting crunching noise and hurt a lot. Dave Hall and Steve Workman were on the scene immediately and a paramedic was called who made the decision to have me stretchered from the forest on a spinal trauma board by an emergency rescue team. I was taken to Nevill Hall Hospital in Abergavenny where I had several X-rays taken of my neck. Fortunately, none of the X-rays showed any signs of fractures and I was discharged with a very stiff and sore neck and a weeks worth of pain killers. I would particularly like to thank: Dave Hall for looking after me throughout the whole ordeal; Steve, Rob and Kath Workman for all their help and especially for taking care of my car and bike; Steve Saunders for coming to check up on me several times during the trial and also again at the hospital. A number of riders and minders came by to cheer me up whilst I was in the neck brace and strapped onto the stretcher and I would like to thank them too. The emergency services were fantastic. I have always had a huge amount of respect for them and their work and have even more after Sunday's events. I have been riding trials for 33 years and feel very humbled by all the help and support I have been given by the trials fraternity during those years. I feel even more humbled by the kindness and help given to me during my time of need on Sunday afternoon and am very grateful to all of you. Yours in Trials, Fraser Dickin
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