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  1. hillary

    How to add events to the calender?

    You need to register first then it all becomes very easy, just follow the form.
  2. hillary

    Details on ACU entries

    If you are making an entry into a trial, the name and address is for insurance purposes, whilst the bike details are to ensure you are entered into the appropriate class. As a club secretary, we have decided that entry details should be kept secure as per GDPR and we will destroy them in the year following the year they were taken. They are kept until the end of the year in which they are taken to provide information with regard to club championship positions etc. ACU kept details via the ACU licencing system are on a secure system as per GDPR. I can't speak for other clubs, but my club has a notification on every entry form explaining the club policy which is also explained on the club website. However, as a regular rider myself, I do feel clubs where I ride have not taken this requirement seriously.
  3. hillary

    Neil Crosswaite

    Yes, Neil was at Sheffield this year and we spent quite some time chatting as we did every year at the same time. We've known each other since 1972 when we both rode the SSDT of that year. Ironically I finished 62nd on 234 marks lost and Neil finished one place behind me losing 239 marks. We were 40 numbers apart (92 and 50) so I guess we probably didn't meet, but we both knew that we had ridden that year so it was a common point of interest. I travelled with him and Martin to Spain many years ago for a Gas Gas function and I remember that we travelled around a bit to look at the area and ended up having lunch on the beach at Lloret de Mar enjoying freshly caught sardines, barbecued on the cafe frontage. He didn't give any indication of not being well at Sheffield, in fact he seemed just as he has always been so to learn of his passing came as something of a shock. A very nice guy and his drive together with Martin Lampkin and more recently Dougie to promote Sheffield brought a wonderful indoor entertainment to the UK. So sorry to hear the sad news and of course condolences to Sue, Martin, Tina and to all those guys and gals who were more than happy to work with him to bring the success to Sheffield's trial.
  4. hillary

    No GB round 2019

    Personal opinion. The whole world trial situation has got totally out of hand in recent years and is financially unsustainable. Several years ago at Penrith (Nord Vue) it was intimated to me that the cost of organising the trial then (now some six years ago) was around £35,000 and to meet that figure everything had to be pared right down to the bone costs wise. Obviously any organisation that wishes to promote a world trial needs to not only cover their costs but to make a profit, so to achieve that it meant having a two day event, a decent turn out of spectators all paying to get in and pray for decent weather. Unfortunately, it's very difficult to attract a decent crowd to a trial which is just one of many reasons why Dirt Bike Action pulled out of their planned second running at Tong in 2017. That was the first year of Sport7's involvement and DBA realised that the demanded extra costs just couldn't be justified. All that has changed since then is that costs have increased with no guarantee whatsoever that the spectator attendance could fund the expense and allow the promotor to make a profit. All the weasly words about Britain being the home of trials, we don't make trials bikes any more etc etc etc mean nothing. It has all got out of hand. Despite what some folks would say, there is no need to have hard standing, a mass of generators, fancy press facilities, electronic timing, dozens of officials throwing their weight around and annoying everybody. A world trial could be held just as it was 10-20 years ago, using a decent venue with reasonable parking, a PA system, a press facility in a caravan. Indeed, a return to a trial that matched Hawkstone in its premium years is what is needed. It would still cost a lot but the public, knowing that the "feeling" they enjoyed those years ago would return, would encourage them to attend. I would even go as far to suggest that if you asked Bou,Raga, Dabill, Fujinami if they would still ride if the sport went back ten years, then I think they would. They may well enjoy having an artic full of bikes,mechanics and caterers, but equally it would still be done at a less ostentacious way. I could go on, but I guess you get my point. The organisation excess has effectively contributed to the sport's downfall at World Championship level.
  5. hillary

    SWM meeting Italy dec.2018

    Fantastic to see.
  6. hillary

    KTM trials bike

    I believe that Beta's four stroke trials engine is manufactured by KTM but I'm happy to be told I'm wrong. It was something I heard a while back.
  7. hillary

    Club trial in Queensland

    Us Brits believe that Crocs are endemic everywhere out your way. Take a look at the 2018 Scott on You Tube, who needs crocs with that amount of water!!
  8. hillary

    Club trial in Queensland

    Very disappointing, no crocs when you get a five!!
  9. hillary

    Dunlop tire

    Lubricate with WD40
  10. hillary

    Youth Championship 2019

    As is so often the case, people get the wrong end of the stick. The suggestion is that the age limit for B class be lowered to 12 which will allow 12 year olds to ride 125cc machines which would bring the UK regulation into line with the European trials regulations. There is definitely NOT any suggestion that B class youths be moved into A class any earlier than they do now.
  11. Nicday is effectively repeating the article I wrote at the end of last year in a well known publication (no problem with that), and I continue to echo his views. Unfortunately, due to previous commitments I was unable to attend this year, but wish I had as it would have been infinitely preferable my experiences that weekend.
  12. hillary

    Another Pensioner.

    Those who know me, know I'm getting on a bit.
  13. hillary

    1993 Fantic KeyRoo 212 - Help?

    The know all man for Fantics is Bill Pye in the UK. Don't know his number unfortunately but somebody on here will surely be able to help very quickly. If he doesn't know the answer, then there is no answer!!
  14. hillary

    Pre 65 sidecars

    Hi. Sorry to say there is absolutely no sidecar activity these days in Yorkshire. Going back to the early 80s the Richmond club had a thriving sidecar scene with up to 70 modern style sidecars (for those days) in big trials, now there are none. There is some very limited activity in the south but not in the area you are looking for.
  15. hillary

    Another land access issue

    Behind the scenes the ACU spends a lot of time trying to ensure that land access remains available for our sport. However, it varies dramatically between areas, for example the Lake District is quite receptive to trials with the clubs who organise events being issued with planning permission, and private landowners often frequently encouraging to clubs to come onto their land. Equally in other areas it is not so easy and there is certainly no, one solution answer to all areas of the UK. However, because the governing bodies don't make a lot of noise about what they are doing, don't think nothing is being done - it is, but accept the fact that it is very difficult to persuade some of the benefits of allowing bike sport against the alternative of refusing permissions. Certainly one of the biggest problems is trail riders who are happy to cruise the countryside on pseudo motocross machines (I know they are road legal enduro/trail bikes) but the public don't see them like that. In addition, whereas a trial may only take place once or twice a year over any particular stretch of land, trail riding can be a 365 days of the year experience for others. And there are times when we don't help ourselves. When the Pre 65 Scottish takes place in 9 weeks, there will be pleas in the programme and elsewhere not to ride trail/trials bikes off road unless you are a competitor or official, yet there will be many bikes parked at the bottom of Pipeline and at the top of the Mamore Road which shouldn't be there.