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  1. hillary

    SWM meeting Italy dec.2018

    Fantastic to see.
  2. hillary

    KTM trials bike

    I believe that Beta's four stroke trials engine is manufactured by KTM but I'm happy to be told I'm wrong. It was something I heard a while back.
  3. hillary

    BETA ALP 200cc

    Time Left: 2 months and 6 days

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    MY 2014, 200cc Beta Alp is for sale. This low mileage (1148 miles, 1850kms) beauty from Beta in Italy has the 200cc electric start/kickstart Suzuki 5-speed engine. The bike is in immaculate condition with a minor crack to the rear mudguard/number plate holder which has been successfully repaired. It has never been used in competition, nor trailed along green lanes, its sole use having been transport when officiating at national trials. Tyres are Michelin X11, both in very good condition but obviously used and it has been fitted with new rear brake pads. Renthal handlebars are installed and it is MOT'd until March 2019 and of course is fully road registered. It is very rare to find an Alp in this condition and is currently owned by a familiar figure in the world of trials. For sale at £2995, with delivery available up to 100 miles. Phone 07788 161929 Cash only.

    2,995.00 GBP

  4. hillary

    Club trial in Queensland

    Us Brits believe that Crocs are endemic everywhere out your way. Take a look at the 2018 Scott on You Tube, who needs crocs with that amount of water!!
  5. hillary

    Club trial in Queensland

    Very disappointing, no crocs when you get a five!!
  6. hillary

    Dunlop tire

    Lubricate with WD40
  7. hillary

    Youth Championship 2019

    As is so often the case, people get the wrong end of the stick. The suggestion is that the age limit for B class be lowered to 12 which will allow 12 year olds to ride 125cc machines which would bring the UK regulation into line with the European trials regulations. There is definitely NOT any suggestion that B class youths be moved into A class any earlier than they do now.
  8. Nicday is effectively repeating the article I wrote at the end of last year in a well known publication (no problem with that), and I continue to echo his views. Unfortunately, due to previous commitments I was unable to attend this year, but wish I had as it would have been infinitely preferable my experiences that weekend.
  9. hillary

    Another Pensioner.

    Those who know me, know I'm getting on a bit.
  10. hillary

    1993 Fantic KeyRoo 212 - Help?

    The know all man for Fantics is Bill Pye in the UK. Don't know his number unfortunately but somebody on here will surely be able to help very quickly. If he doesn't know the answer, then there is no answer!!
  11. hillary

    Pre 65 sidecars

    Hi. Sorry to say there is absolutely no sidecar activity these days in Yorkshire. Going back to the early 80s the Richmond club had a thriving sidecar scene with up to 70 modern style sidecars (for those days) in big trials, now there are none. There is some very limited activity in the south but not in the area you are looking for.
  12. hillary

    Another land access issue

    Behind the scenes the ACU spends a lot of time trying to ensure that land access remains available for our sport. However, it varies dramatically between areas, for example the Lake District is quite receptive to trials with the clubs who organise events being issued with planning permission, and private landowners often frequently encouraging to clubs to come onto their land. Equally in other areas it is not so easy and there is certainly no, one solution answer to all areas of the UK. However, because the governing bodies don't make a lot of noise about what they are doing, don't think nothing is being done - it is, but accept the fact that it is very difficult to persuade some of the benefits of allowing bike sport against the alternative of refusing permissions. Certainly one of the biggest problems is trail riders who are happy to cruise the countryside on pseudo motocross machines (I know they are road legal enduro/trail bikes) but the public don't see them like that. In addition, whereas a trial may only take place once or twice a year over any particular stretch of land, trail riding can be a 365 days of the year experience for others. And there are times when we don't help ourselves. When the Pre 65 Scottish takes place in 9 weeks, there will be pleas in the programme and elsewhere not to ride trail/trials bikes off road unless you are a competitor or official, yet there will be many bikes parked at the bottom of Pipeline and at the top of the Mamore Road which shouldn't be there.
  13. hillary

    Jet washing bikes

    Never had a problem with pressure washing bikes, only way to get them really clean and I use 6t9 bike cleaner - still the best I've found. (Those in the know, know I am mates with the producer, but I BUY the product, it's that good).
  14. hillary

    Should I drain the carb

    I strip and drain the carb after every trial, they always run better with everything clean and fresh fuel in.
  15. hillary

    Kick Starting a 2018 Beta Evo 200

    I'm 71, a short a***, and ride a 250 Beta, dead easy to start. Fuel on, choke on, get slightly above the bike, one, maybe two kicks and she starts. Every time.