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  1. I would be able to set up the artwork to match these and you can print them off individually as you need them or get them printed at a printers if you need them with a carbon copy? If you PM me your email address, I can produce the artwork and email as a .pdf file for you to print, and if you do decide to go to a printer, at least they won't be charging for the set up and artwork. There is literally about 10-15 mins worth of work there setting up the artwork. Cheers, Dave.
  2. Anything Sherco related, I would contact Malcolm Rathmell Sport on 01423 772885 as they would have been the original importers and will have a record of it from new. I contacted them regarding my 2001 Sherco 200 and they had all the original records about the bike and couldn't have been more helpful.
  3. I know the feeling mate, bought mine a year ago and would happily be out on it every day if i could!! Enjoy!
  4. Thanks for the reply. Forgot to mention it has a new plug and the spark 'looks' to be ok. The tank breather sounds feasible, i'll give that a try. It seems to run ok when on the flat, but as soon as you put it near an incline, it starts to sort of 'miss' and then completely cut out as soon as the throttle it turned.
  5. Hi all, hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Recently bought a 2002 SY250 for me to use while my son gets to grips with trials on my Sherco. First outing, it ran great from cold for about 20 mins or so, but when hot and under load, loses power and gets progressively worse until it cuts our almost like it has run out of petrol. Removed the carb and had it cleaned in an ultrasonic bath and set up, so i know the carb is ok. Out again at the weekend and still exactly the same problem. As i mentioned, it only happens when really hot and under load when climbing hills etc. Any pointers on what to look at next? Coil or HT lead breaking down under load, fuel starvation etc? New to Scorpa's so not sure if this is a common problem. Thanks for any help.
  6. Hi mate, and welcome. I'm pretty new to trials myself, and a similar height and build......although a little lighter.....but not much :-) I picked up a 200 Sherco which has been ideal, with enough power to get me up anything I'm likely to tackle, but tame enough not to bite you without warning. If you're not too far away, theres a great practice ground near Mold/Wrexham which is well worth a trip or visit a local trial and speak to some of the people there. Thats what I did earlier this year and found them a pretty friendly bunch. Hope this helps!
  7. Hi mate, welcome from a complete novice myself with a similar story!! Had road bikes for 30 years and just got a 200 Sherco to give trials a go with a group of mates who have been doing it for various lengths of time. You're ideally placed in Pontypool with the Brecon's not to far from you, so hopefully you'll have somewhere to practice!
  8. I'm away for Easter, so will not be able to get to the March one. The one after is early May, so i'll certainly get to that one. I work not too far from Inch Perfect, so i'll pop in and have a chat to them and see if i can book a days practice/training as I think it'll be money well spent.
  9. Thats exactly how I'm looking at it, as long as i enjoy it, ill keep doing it!!
  10. I've been wondering already if I've left it to late (just 50 ish) although I've been riding for many years, if that'll count for much........probably not a lot! Couldn't resist the Sherco, it was someone's toy and hardly been used. Apart from a slight scratch on the rear mudguard, there isn't a mark on it........even the underside of the bash plate is like new!!
  11. Cheers for the quick reply! I'm in Formby so not too far away! I just missed the last mcr17 dead easy trail last week and I think the next one is sometime around Easter. I've been going for a while with my brother in law and and few of his mates, so hopefully, they'll be looking after me (or taking the p**s)!! Not heard of whitewell farm, so I'll search that and have a look. I've observed at a few, and I agree, trials riders do seem generally a pretty friendly bunch, always saying 'thank you' etc at the end of the section, so hopefully, they'll be gentle with me ;-)
  12. Hi all, new member to the forum. Been riding bikes for 30 plus years but only just getting into trials! Just bought myself a Sherco 200, helmet, boots gloves etc, and looking forward to doing my first 'beginners' trial at the end of March. Looking for any tips, locations in the north west where I can have a practice etc, and thanks in advice for any information received. thanks all, Husie
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