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  1. Cheers lads i'll give it ago and see what happens, cant get any worse. I couldnt find anything in your blog at all Tony but thanks anyway. Craig
  2. craigmcgee

    Wheel Bearings

    Need a little bit of help, my bike needs front wheel bearings and not to sure on fitting them, but as i like to most of the work on the bike myself i wouldnt mind having ago. so if anybody has any tips or websites that could help me i would appreciate it.
  3. Treated myself to an 08 sy250 and love it!! cant fault it, wish we could say that for my riding aswell. But in fairness i think its all just personal oppinion and it doesnt matter what bike you have you will just get used to riding it and gradualy like it. Craig
  4. Oh now that could be worth checking up on! The quotes are getting cheaper by the day and found bennets were one of the more expensive ones! cheers for that lads
  5. Looking for Insurance for my trials bike and at the moment im only finding stupidly expensive qoutes! anybody got any good insurance companies in mind? Even if it possible to get event insurance, for run around trials, Manx 2Day etc? Any help will be great, cheers
  6. cheers, ill have a look and check i havent disconnected any wires or anything.
  7. This is my first scorpa and since i have had it i have been realy impressed with it, but... its been overheating a fare bit, local dealer gave me a new thermo which solved the problem, but now the fan is not working at all! any ideas?
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