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  1. Hey Nick. I used to practice at bleak hall alot. Have practiced up there with you and your dad on occasions. If your the Nick Day I am thinking about.... As for trials I def want a challenging event. I much prefer harder trials to easy ones where its down to a couple of dabs. Any of you guys ever go up Earl Shilton to practice.... its a really great ground and only about an hour away. Well worth a visit! Cheers Dan Cameron
  2. Unfortunately I am still waiting for my new ACU license to arrive, prob wont be here in time! I am sure I will be at a HUX event soon! Looking forward to seeing people after so many years out!
  3. I used to do alot of Nene Valley events so im sure I will be back there soon. What sort of turn out do you get nowadays? How many experts usually ride? Cheers
  4. Hi, Dan here.... I have been out of the trials scene for the last 5 years and am just starting to compete again. I am living in Milton Keynes at the moment. Just wondering if there are any local guys interested in doing to lift sharing to comps. Up for any event.... Even if your not up for lift sharing but are from the South Midlands centre get in touch.... will probably remember lots of you guys. Cheers
  5. Any idea where? I am 24 now but had been a Buzzards member since I was about 5 until I was 18 when I gave up. I used to be youth south midlands center champion back in the day. Just been up Earl Shilton practicing for the last few weeks on my old 97 Gas Gas to get trial fit again. Just got myself a new 290 Sherco which I am very happy with. Where can I sign up for a copy of the Monthly South Midlands Review if they still do them? I would like to know the center calender for the year. Do you know when the Brian Stonebridge is by any chance? Cheers for your help...
  6. Hi. I live in Cosgrove just down from Towcester. Earl Shilton is a brilliant place to practice and compete. They ground they have has everything. I go up there once a week at the moment and its not a long drive just up the A5. Well worth a look if you havnt been there before. They have a trial this Sunday which would be worth a look.
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