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  1. hope this helps folks.. fork seals try 47/35/7 most bearing/seal shops swing arm bearings hk2012 lower link plain bush use teflon coated 16/18/20 16 int/18 ext/20 deep 2 of linkage needle rollers hk1616 my climber doesnt have a hyd clutch so just use an aftermarket honda assy..$15.00 complete official parts book shows a clutch cable...non hydrallic! i have parts book for a 280r climber green with a white front guard. if i can help with official aprilia part number please ask cheers stu by the way.. i am in new zealand... that great country off the coast of australia...
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    Front Forks

    have rebuilt my forks and found that one leg is compression and the other rebound. seals are 47/35/7 and found that one goes up and the other is reversed. one stops the oil from coming out and the other stops the rubbish going in. cant remeber how much oil in each leg but a rule of thumb is that you fill them with enough oil to cover the dampening holes....in other words...if the leg is compressed with the spring out and pulled back out, you should not hear it sucking air! then fill to where you think it sould be..i think i was 100 mm from top with leg compressed with spring out. hope this helps.
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    New To Here

    thanks for the reply worked in a bike shop here so sourcing parts not too much of a problem.. have had to be self sufficient for years.
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    New To Here

    hi.. new to this forum...here in new zealand i have one of the few 280r s around and have had to be self sufficient,, owned for 14 years!!! fork seals are 47-35-7/10 nd readily available.. pilot jet, runs best on a 320 size(had mine drilled by the local gas repair man as couldnt source a ldelorto, kickstart lever part number, use 81 35 325m shorter and better i have a climber parts list that aprilia italy sent me as there was no agent here and they suggested that i contact a florence italy shop called "centro ricambi" ....parts were cheap BUT i think that this shop has closed. engine is rotax and identical to the american ATK bikes except watercooled.... found bike was too high geared so fitted a 48 rear sprocket, now use 2nd/3rd in sections instead of 1st/2nd. generally fun to ride but outdated now dont want to scan parts book but can supply numbers as requested cheers stu
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