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  1. I sorted out some but would need to strip them again because they are making a strong noise, Some pictures would be great!!
  2. The official diagrams dont show anything about any clip on the plunger, which mine has. I cant recognize the strange washer a believe was inside when i broke it apart. Anyone remember about this spacer/washer with a flat surface and a cone on the opposite? I really need someone to tell me how to put this back together based on his own experience. I found other diagrams aswell and the left me with the same doubt.
  3. When i was putting back the forks on my aprilia climber I noticed i didnt take any pictures to remember how it was assembled. Here are some pictures of the parts I have for on the leg that has the spring. I dont know if the aluminuim spacer goes inside the rubber spacer and the order everything is assembled. Anything would be of great help.
  4. Thankyou, i will call him next week. For the same reason of your explanation i checked the sparkplug to see the air fuel mixture and see if it was lean but it was ok and the temperature was ok as the electric fan was not always on. Could the engine still recieve any faster wearing? Is it still necessary to change the main jet if spark colour seems ok? Thanks again, Jose
  5. I converted my engine into 280cc and kept the same carburetor settings, the bike has plenty of torque but top speed is slower, do the jets on the 280s are different? anybody know the sizes of them? Thankyou
  6. hello, My bike is, aprilia climber 240(1994) is spills oil from the gear/kickstart shaft, i think it spills it form between, what could it be? the other problem is that the gear shaft dislcoates from its place when applying little force on it towards the outside when trying to remove. please help! thankyou jose
  7. Does anyone know where could i get new clutch plates for this bike or if they cross over from another one, thankyou
  8. i've got a parts manual, if you are interested hang in your e mail, i found it searching at google but cant remember where. best place to buy parts peter knight at rotax uk he will help you at what you need, only engine.
  9. my bike also has this problem but i ignored it because i thought it was to allow the shock to move a little more freely, if we are talking about the same part where the parogresive system does it works i think and it where the fork ist screwed, if you fix this please let me kow so i do the same
  10. joseclimber

    Front Forks

    Hi, i am having a problem with my fork bearings and i wanted to know ith there has to be any typo of dust holder because i bought my bike used and i think there where previously dessambled by the other owner who changed them for some similar ones but did not worked. thankyou
  11. great idea, it would be useful if all this pats where posted at the forum, a way to see if parts can be crossed over could be at tryals shop because they have in each product to which bike it fits.
  12. thankyou but the problem is already solved when i changed head cylinder gasket, jose
  13. Since i, ve got the bike i always had to refill water every time i rode, but lately it started spilling more, the water is always refilled correctly,i do not know from where the water scapes, but theres always some in the cylinders head and all around, maybe thats only part of it when it is overcharged. Really i do not know, y checked the cylinder joint and they seem all right but i send to replace anyway. maybe this thing can help to fix the problem, the cooler is a special anti freeze (i know that it has nothing to do but maybe) the bike was stopped for 5 to 10 years (i really dont know) when opening the expansion tank while engine is on, it won't jump out and it is settling down. when i fill the radiator by the expansion tank i unscrew radiator tap for the air to go away. thank you pd my bike is an aprilia climber 280 1994
  14. my email is: jose_sendra@hotmail.com
  15. I wanted to know how to regulate my aprilia climber's fork, it has two different "screws" or whatever they are called to regulate, one is in the gas bomb and the other is on the lower part of the spring, what do each of this things regulate? pd: sorry for my bad english
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