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  1. thescoot

    207/307 ?

    Hi guys and merry Christmas to you all. I have recently purchased an air cooled mono with a view to reliving my youth. Its a Fantic but its had a hard life and is in need of restoration. Problem is, I don't know which model it is. Its pretty obvious that its either a 247 or a 307. You know, upside down forks, fluro orange paint etc. Frame numbers are FM36406082 but there are no numbers or engine size markings whatsoever. Does anyone have any hints or tips on where I could check which model it is. I will be pulling the top of to check all is well but would like to source some parts first. Any info greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi bud. just taken 60grams off mine and rode a trial at the weekend,Couldnt get any grip at all on the frozen ground.Although no one else found any iether,the legendary scorpa grip was simply GONE. dont know if it was down to the lightened fly but im sure a standard weight would have helped. If you have two you may as well try it.
  3. thescoot

    More Help

    Thankyou for the advice, If anyone else needs to change the seals on these particular forks you will find that the top section of the legs screws off to allow the stantions to be pulled out.This section acts as the retainer for the seals.Theres obviously a special tool(a pin spanner i assume) but i just protected the area with a bit of inner tube and used a pair of stillsons which worked fine.Thanks again for the replies.
  4. thescoot

    More Help

    can any of you guys tell me how to remove the oil seals from a set of paioli forks. the last set of oil seals i changed was off a bultaco which simply pulled apart after removing the bottom bolt.iv looked for some kind of retaining ring but iether im blind or there isnt one.iv been told not to simply yank away the leg from the slider in case i damage the bushings so how do i seperate them?
  5. thescoot

    Any Ideas

    Thanks for the reply Arnoux.The bikes a 2002 model which although getting on a bit is in great condition.Iv had the motor to bits and replaced the main bearings(it still knocks though)so while the fly was off iv checked the timing which is set at what i assume is the standard yamaha marks.I have been told to turn the stator fully back in an anti clockwise direction but this seems a touch excessive to me.what would this do? Advance/retard/or destroy?While it was in bits,i also smoothed out the trasfer ports to help the mixture flow a bit better but am told there is another porting mod which is often done.Do you know what this mod is?Also machined 200 gms from the fly which has made a huge differance to the responce.Chacked and cleaned the middle and rear boxes which were in fact quite clear.I do however think it needs a piston kit fitting(when money allows)Any advice you could offer will be greatly appreciated. Mark
  6. thescoot

    More Help Needed

    cheers for that adrian.iv already downloaded the parts manual but it wasnt too much help to me well it might have been if i haddnt realised that i had one of the dog gears in BACKWARDS.what a clown,no wonder it wouldnt work.
  7. thescoot

    More Help Needed

    Hi again guys.Another problem but this one is i feel of my own doing!!!!!! Iv just replaced the main bearings in my sy250 and now find i dont seem to have any gear selection.Now while im a pretty competant mechanic,i cant see what iv done wrong.Am i perhaps missing something? does anyone know where i might be able to purchase a manual for the scorpa or indeed the yamaha engine(tyz i believe) or has anyone got a schematic drawing of said gearbox or any advice?cheers guys i know im a pain but the scorpas new to me and i need to learn
  8. thescoot

    Any Ideas

    Just wondering if anyone knows much about sorting the sy250.Just bought the bike and love it but i am used to a 315cota and having a bit trouble adjusting to the extreemly soft power delivery.I would love to get the motor somewere between the two.I know to adjust the ignition timing but do i advance or retard it? to get a bit more get up and go.I have access to machining and would like to lighten the flywheel to obtain more responce.I read somewere to take it down to 2800gms.Does anyone know where to machine from ie outer face or external diameter?Any help will be greatly appreciated.While im on,the bottom end is somewhat noisy and while several owners i have spoken to say its nothing to worry about i like things to be perfect.There is a bit of play on the mains and i would rather sort it now than wait for it to go pop.Any opinions?
  9. just to say hi to all.just getting back to trials after 15 years off.2 trials later...LOVING IT
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