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  1. well surely when you get it you will answer your own questions, your living in the future which dont exist, only in your head
  2. does anybody know of good practice places in north west cumbria..Ive been out today looking for a secret spot Ive been to before on my push bike.....its so secret i couldnt find it !
  3. i just misased out on an 07 scorpa gutted...waiting for my dad to get back from holiday tomorrow and i was gona run it past him and hopefully buy it but...the fella said its gone...crap....1485 wont see a deal like that agin...theres one for 1850 and he wont budge to my offer....so....am stuck how come the forks on the 05/06 model are all painted siver legs and chrome stantions? cant you get one with coloured/dark grey stantions are they the factory spec forks? i remember seeing the jap rider fumitaka nozaki riding the sy250 in an indoor round in 03 with black fork santions and rims...is it just the 06 onwards that had the black wheels...i really want black rims they look ace...but...other than that craking price on the 07 thats sold....there aint any about for my....sub 1400 price if that was 03....why doesnt the 04/05 model for sale hyave the dark grey frame and wheels like his?? ive saw a couple for sale...theres a 2002 one for sale here in cumbria that i could maybe get cheap but i read that the early mdels suffered front heavy front end syndrome...? again...a couple ive say up until 05 models have siver painted frames...the grey frames look way better and the black frames look the best... can anyone clear this up for me...? one problem i noticed with the black rims is they scratch up around the rim...maybe from tyre changing...? is that unavoidable...? i want to get a bike looking as mint as possible....so..maybe black rims aint the way to go......i dont know.... oh one other consideration..im quite tall for my height..ha......over 6"3 so how much adjustment is there for bike....is it limited to rotating the bars a few degrees?? the scorpa looks very short and upright....90% of trials riders seem short asses..
  4. missed out on the bike i wanted...an 07 sy250 for 1485,, gutted...Waiting til my dad gets back, hes abroad until tom night...need to ok it with him before i get one...last time i mentiopned it he said theres nowhere to put one...there is really...anyway... that and a 04 montesa sold and i could have had either....hope theres a few other good deals about like that next week got to buy a helmet and boots yet too..and they aint cheap either was just about to mention another that was for sale..a scorpa...was an 05 model with silver wheels etc which iwasnt as keen on...prefer the black rim versions because they look great..could have got that cheap tho....was the one with the scraped tank that i was going to paint .arhh.... ive got about 1400 but i want to get the best bike i can for that are gas gas and betas crap??? i heard they can be unrelieable and gas gas aint made amazingly well compared to some others. I noticed you can get a new ish sherco for not that much..are they any good????
  5. so are the tanks plastic?? id just paint it black or white...not the scorpa blue
  6. Im shopping for a scorpa sy250 and have noticed that scrapes on the tanks are common so I want to know if its possible to spray them? are they plastic? the rest of the bikes from what ive saw hold up pretty well as far as scrapes go, but the tanks looks a mess if they get knocked. Obviously scrapes happen, I just want to tidy them up. Also how easy or difficult are they to dismantle to paint the frame...on the pre 06 models the frames are silver or grey...i want to spray it black as they look great...idont really want to touch the engine so..maybe mask that off and spray around it.. Id take off the least amount of parts required to mnake a decent job of it.. cheers
  7. yeah well im a fussy....you know what...i want a jap engine so.the montesaa seem expensive and look kinda bulky......i like the look of the scorpa a lot...wasnt sure when i first saw them but teh black wheel model luks great...im sure i could get the hang of one pretty quick...been going back out on the push bike this week to get myself moving again. i heard the scorpa has a lot of torque at the bottom end so that would be useful as i can roll over things burbling away. I will start off tearing up and down the steep grass banks i have out the back of where i live. they are very steep..if you tripped at the top you wouldnt stop before you got to the bottom 60-50 feet down, good thing is its graduated so i can start on the 10ft and work along to the big end.
  8. Ive decided on a 06/07 scorpa sy250 due to the good reliability..or a montesa if a good one appears.....
  9. ok thanks. wear easy...hmm...that sounds a bit dodgy...so a 04 bike private would be better than a 01 from the shop by the sounds of it. bout
  10. ok thanks. wear easy...hmm...that sounds a bit dodgy...so a 04 bike private would be better than a 01 from a dealer by the sounds of it. bout
  11. im 25 and after my first bike also, I want a montesa and was looking at buying private from somewhere in yorkshire but...i cant pick the dam thing up so im kinda screwed. I could get a bike from a shop down there who could deliver but along with a good pair of boots and a helmet...it all adds up to way too much.......so .....Im stuck really.....going and buying private on my own is a risk as i know nothing about bikes really...so...yeah....very risky...shops offer peace of mind that way but charge you for the privilege. bike
  12. Im looking at getting a bike from yorkshire somewhere but I no longer have a van, just a saxo hatchback. I was wondering if with the passanger seat and back seats completely out, would a bike fit in with the front wheel off? Theres no way I can pick one up.getting one from a shop delievered to me up here in cumbria bumps up the price too much as the bikes are a little more to start with from traders..so I was looking at going myself to buy private not knowking anything about the bikes really....so risky........ suggestions please
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