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Spencey: I have a like new Fantic Jersey, but it's a medium. It's vented nylon, bought from Rinkes enterprises in Oregon, (usa) in 1984. Let me know if you are interested. Too bad someone doesn't have a stash of new Fantic riding gear stashed away somewhere. How do you get your Fantic motoplat unit to spark? : ) Must be just lucky if it works. I have a couple old OSSAs that I want to restore, but If they're anything like "new" OSSAs they have a weak/poor spark. I sure wish OSSAs had been made with points like Bultaco and Montesa. Seems you can get those things to run with a little creative mechanic-ing. Nice to see old bikes being ridden. Jay L.

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Greetings from the other side of the pond.I'm definitely interested in the shirt,but how we're going to go about the deal is another matter.You'll have to decide on a price including shipping and i'll have to convert it into pounds sterling and we'll go from there!.

As for the generator issue,the Fantics i've owned have been fitted with Ducati ignition systems(maybe the USA models had motoplat),but the sparks on my bikes have never been great.The low tension coil(on the stator plate)should read 475 ohms and the primary coil 100 ohms.If the readings are too far out this can bugger your spark up.

Anyway hope to hear from you soon,

Spencey. :)

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Spencey: This shirt is a medium. I tried it on and must say I look ridiculous in it. Kinda' tight like something Britney Spears would wear. If you are small enough to wear this, I will send it to you for $25.00 US plus shipping. It seems to be in perfect shape. Jay

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:) I think i'd better give it a miss,riding the way i do at a weekend and looking like Brittany Spears will just about wrap it up!.

Thanks anyway,it's a pity it's so small.Guess i'll have to keep looking.

Catch you later,


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