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Scorpa Non Runner


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hi its a scorpa works 94 year tryed every thing to get it to start there is a spark fuel is getting in but just seems to flood the plug i have cleaned the carb even tryed easy start in it no good took fly wheel off lot of crap in there clened it out any body got any ideas its not my bike its a mates


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Scorpa not running!!! I find that hard to believe......... Wait a minute thats a Rotax engine not a Yamaha "there's your problem"

Sounds like your float heights are wrong, I don't have the correct heights but i'm sure somebody on the forum will be able to help!!

Good luck mate.

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Hi. I had the same problem with my 250 Easy in the end it turned out to be the magneto ignition winding not putting out enough power got a scorpa flywheel extractor from Ringwood Precision Engineering they are on ebay and a tool to hold the flywheel they also supplied test regulations for the magneto. It is only one coil that burns out and is the ignition coil. A local motor rewind company rewound the coil with the help of the test regulations. Cured problem completly starts first or second kick every time.

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