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Fantic 303 1997


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Hi, gearbox oil 500ml, 2stroke oil 50:1 or 100ml to 5 litres of fuel, spark plug B8ES GAP 0.25 not sure on the other. I have just completely rebuilt 2 of these and parts are very expensive,if you need any more help let me know, as said i got all my parts and info from bill pye

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The forks will need 220cc's of 7.5wt. per leg.

As far as the mixture ratio goes I'm running mine @66:1 with the fuel screw 1 turn out, the needle dropped 1 clip position and a 106(down 1 size from a 108)main jet. 50:1 with modern synthetic oils is too oil rich and will probably cause the bike to regularly "fluff" the plug.

Also run your air filter dry, not heavily oiled as this can also compound the problem(Bill Pye's advice,not mine)


Spencey. :lol:

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