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Yam, Pinky Low Running Problem


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Hi guys, Im having a problem with my 250 yamaha pinky! when say in first gear and doing a tight turn(when throttle control is needed most!) the bike feels uneven ,snatchy, ive cleaned out the carb and jets but noticed 1, the needle at the tip is worn 2, is there supposed to be some sort of surge baffle where the main jet sits (there isnt one on my bike!) it revs fine as it should do at all other throttle openings!

thanks in advance! :wacko:

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Sounds like it could have been messed around with, you'll have to strip the carb and check the jet sizes with the OE...alot of Yams get 'tuned up' not always for the better.....I'll get me manual out and check the std jet sizes :beer:

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I don't know if the symptoms are exactly like mine were but they sound similar. My Yam ran fine and revved cleanly when the bike was stationary but was very lumpy when actually riding it, surging and almost 4 stroking.

I was practising recently when Chris Clarke (ex Hamilton cables Yamaha rider and still a bloody good rider) reckoned it sounded like the float height in the carb was too high.

I can't remember what the recommended height was now but I think it was 22ml.

So take the carb off, undo the screws from the float bowl and then reconnect the fuel pipe and let the carb fill for a few seconds, then take the top off keeping the float bowl perfectly straight and measure from the top of the bowl down to the height of the fuel. If the fuels too high (distance too small) bend the tab a tiny bit on the needle valve and retry .

Check a Yam manual for the exact measurement (can't find mine at present - bloody kids!!) but since I did mine its been perfect.


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THANKS LADS! on closer inspection ive found some idiots applied to much force trying to remove the float pin and snapped off one the lugs that support it at the ends! :beer:

this is proberly making the float bob about a bit who knows? will try other ideas at the weekend, cheers! :unsure:

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