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  1. jer

    Ty 250R Mono

    Here's a picture of mine in 92. You can make out the rear brake rod on it. I wonder if your bike has more mods on it? If someone went to the expense of putting discs on it (presumably it had a Talon on the front as well at some time), the chances are they had some more work done, maybe the engine has been worked on?
  2. jer

    Ty 250R Mono

    Talon disc on the back must be quite scarce nowadays. I used to have a Ty with talon discs front and back in the early 90s. In the third picture your rod from the master cylinder on the swing arm to the rear brake pedal is at an odd angle which I don't remember. I've looked at some old pictures, it wasn't at that angle, more horizontal.
  3. From Dirt Bike Rider magazine March 1987 Admin edit: Content removed. Breach of copyright.
  4. Taken from Dirt Bike Rider, October 1986
  5. jer


  6. From Roy Bacon's book Two Stroke Tuning.
  7. jer

    315R Slow Jet

    Didn't these bikes have two slow jets? Look up where you took your slow jet out and see if there's another one up there.
  8. jer

    Which Year Is This Evo?

    Another clue might be in the wheel bearings, if can make out the numbers. Different years used different bearings. Read this: http://www.sxsuk.com/WheelBearings.aspx
  9. I have the same problem. For a couple of years i used a master cylinder with a bigger bore, 10.5mm compared to 9.5mm diameter. It was better in that it didn't take so much lever movement to clear the clutch, it didn't drag. It was worse in that it was a bit stiffer to pull and much more 'on or off', so not so good for creeping round tight corners. What I'm doing now is using the standard Beta master cylinder but using VERY careful adjustment to get it just perfect. Make sure there is no wear in the pivot, the hole in the lever can go oval. Make sure the lever isn't bent out at all.
  10. Try this book http://victorylibrary.com/MIK-BT.htm It tells you everything you could ever want to know about Mikuni VM carbs.
  11. jer

    Satin Black Paint.

    http://www.ebay.co.u...=item3f207d59f7 Bit pricey though, plus £4.99 postage.
  12. This is a good site http://www.motuk.co.uk/manual/mc_contents.htm
  13. jer

    Aluminium flanged bolts

    they're not aluminium, how about stainless? http://www.custom-fasteners.co.uk/acatalog/Flange_Button_Head_Screws.html
  14. I had a badly rusted tank on an old lawnmower recently, didn't want to spend money on it as it was a lawnmower. At the local shop an old sage, covered in oil, came out from the back shop, told me to get a handfull of gravel from my driveway, put it in the tank and shake it a lot. Went home and did this, tank was almost spotless inside, all the rust and scale had gone, rinsed it out and it works fine. Could be a good preperation for a finish inside a steel trials tank if you want to do it cheaply?
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