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Yamaha Ty250 Pinky Disc Problem!


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can anyone help me with this? when i apply the front brake sometimes the lever comes right back to the grip other times its fine?

when i apply the front brake fully the disc moves slightly sideways? this is the point where the brake lever pulls all the way to the handlebar grip! also it moves slightly when pushed and pulled by hand as in floating?

the bolts that secure the disc dont tighten fully right down so theres slight play in the disc bolt mounting holes is this normal?

thanks for your replys in advance! Scotty ;)

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Not sure about lever coming into the bars, may want a fluid change/ blead. The pinky has a floating front disc which appears to be loose on the hub, and some of these are a few years old with a lot of off road work covered and some parts wear and the symptom may look worse than it really is. ;)

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If you pull fully back, release and pull again, does it work?

is the rotor disc bent? Bent disc wobbles and pushes the caliper pistons back further than they shold be. Then, too much clearance pad to disc when lever is pulled. Has to move too far, runs out of fluid and master cylinder bottoms out. This is msorelikely with rigidly mounted disc.

Or, disc could be much thicker/thinner at spots around the disc.

Ride it wihtout touching brake. Stop so wheel is not turning. Pull lever once, release, pull again. If it gets better, you are out of sroke and have to push the pads out more than should be.

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thanks lads! yes kevin j if you pull the front brake lever and its spongy and you pull it again its fine! ive now noticed the discs warped so it looks like im going to have to get a new disc? jk hirst would they be the best bet? anyone now how much? thanks Nick.

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