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Guest AndyGas

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Guest AndyGas

Hello everyone,

Just got a txt280 2000 but I havn't got a manual or handbook with it.

Been searching round but can't find anyone or anywhere to get one.

Hoping someone here can help. :D

Ive asked gas gas uk but they say there isnt one as such but will photo copy some sheets for me for a small fee but this isn't what I want(I dont think)

Thanks in advance,

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Have two manuals for the old TXT model. see picture.

Not sure how old the Contact TXT is but it does not cover the 280.

The TXT 2001 manual has the 280 listed and would probably provide you with the info required.

Let me know if you want a copy.


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While we're in a caring sharing mood, I have a brand new 2002 TXT Pro manual if anybody wants it (125,200,250,280).

Mine blew up before I had a chance to read it :D (Joke)......(Just)

Please don't just be a tight a*** - you've got to own a 2002 TXT Pro.

Send me a cheque for 27p :D

Well, OK I'll let you off the postage if you put a quid in your local charity box, and I'll be watching. :D

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Guest AndyGas

Thanks for all the replys.

Hopefully RedVanMan has sorted me me out. :D


Ive dowloaded the parts manual from that site and with the manual RedVanMan has I should be sorted ..hopefully :D Thanks.

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  • 17 years later...
Redvanman 2004. 05. 05. 21:52-kor ezt mondta:

Van két kézikönyve a régi TXT modellhez. Lásd a képen.

Nem tudom, hány éves a Kapcsolat TXT, de nem fedi a 280-at.

A TXT 2001 kézikönyvében a 280 szerepel, és számos megadja a szükséges rendelkezésre állást.

Szólj, ha másolatot szeretnél.


Hello! i have such a engine and i don't have any books for it maybe you can send it to me? i hope you understand what i wrote (gogle compiler)
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