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Ty 250s Mono Pinging


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Try running as rich as possible without fouling the plug. I changed the carb to a PWK28 as there are so many available jets. They bolt straight on but the air screw and the idle screw are on the exhaust side which is a pain setting up a slim screwdriver might fit but I kept taking the carb off to reset it took hours to get it to run correctly. Now I have " No Pinging" or fouling plugs. http://www.iol.ie/~link/motorcycle/trials.htm

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regarding http://www.iol.ie/~link/motorcycle/trials.htm

did you not know that Google caches old web pages? I can see that you conveniently forgot to mention that you were using their embossed website photo of the TY250R (fitted with OKO) on your website and then [after you contact me by PM] you have published those details as well! Did you seek permission to do this? You certainly didn't ask me..

They were putting heaps of photos of trials bikes with OKOs fitted to help us "fellow bikers". Now they have removed them because you stuffed it for the rest of us trying to get something for nothing. Had you purchased a carburettor from them as I did, there would be no need for you to behave in this manner that has the potential to make all "fellow bikers" look like thieves..



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Dear Graham

Re: Carb advise.

Communication is the key to the success of most things,this was not forthcoming in my quest, and in one case I was given "incorrect advice" (YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN) I resolved this without help from anybody. I offered a free link to your buddy site but he got nasty just like you! are you the same person ?

Regards Rory

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Hi i'm rebuilding a ty250 mono & have just built my engine with a new piston that has 2 different crown heights , the centre section is higher than the sides (I presume this is to let the transfer ports open at a different time to a conventional crowned piston ) anybody know the answer? Also the original timing marks on my bike were marked for 2.8mm BTDC , but there are 4 other marks to the right of the original manufacturers mark(seems somebody has played around with the ignition timing in the past. Can anybody recommend the best figure to use e.g. 2.8mm or 2.6mm BTDC. Many thanks Regards Grizwald.

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Grizwald, I think you'll need to try a few different settings as your riding style will determine the best setting for you. Just curious - has yours got a weight on the flywheel? As I have found that the timing marks on the weight don't always align with the marks on the rotor.

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flywheel is standard type, marks for timing are on crankcase. i haven't ridden the bike yet but will try standard settings & play around with it as i go. Might even try the mikuni carb route as well. regards grizwald

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