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  1. The later model Sherco swingarms are still essentially the same shape. Try a later model guide...it mounts the same way, I think there's a good chance it will fit.
  2. If you ever experienced a tubed trailer tyre tube failure at speed with a load, you'll understand why tubeless is the only way to go
  3. Polish the crank to allow it to float on the bearing inners? Oh lawd.....
  4. worldtrialchamp

    300 SS

    the Beta SS 300 is very nice. It's designed exactly for your requirements.
  5. Can sell it.. Have a few of them. Got a few bits and pieces.. Let me figure out a price
  6. Don't bother re-kitting evo rear brake mcyl. high rate of failure... If you enjoy spending hours and hours of your time bleeding, testing, and scratching your head when it's still not right, by all means re-kit it
  7. purchase from fleabay, guaranteed to get the right part there....lawd
  8. So you're claiming remove the headlight won't affect fan operation.. I've seen a number of EVOs boil from this....
  9. Perhaps there's an excessive build up of carbon throughout... Retard the timing and see what happens
  10. some of the older Sherco engines do have a tendency to kick back...I never investigated it but I think it's a lot to do with the kick start gearing which is quite fast and the short length start lever plus the lever is set higher from the ground, so when it does kick back you really feel it..I could be dreaming though
  11. You don't have a genuine KEIHIN needle by the sound of that
  12. The fan controller is located within the headlight... How you could have resolved this without the controller is beyond me
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